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June 12, 2021

Orchestrer Brez Meja/Orchestra Senza Confini

Live in Nova Gorica
Klopotec Records IZK CD 116

Alban Darche

Le Gros Cube #2

Yolk Records J 2060

Ever since they began organizing larger groups, musicians have craftily arranged and refined the resulting instrumental colors. Even in standard big band configuration permutations can be limitless. The Slovenian-Italian Orchestrer Brez Meja/Orchestra Senza Confini (OBOSC) and the French-based Le Gros Cube #2 (LGC2) confirm this with programs that are equally fascinating but completely unlike. Directed by a conduction from Slovenian percussionist Zlatko Kaučič and Italian bassist Giovanni Maier the 20-piece OBOSC cannily negotiates the peaks and valleys of a nearly 55-minute creation, with expressive group work suggesting Jazz, folkloric and New music considerations. More traditional, the 17-piece LGC2 mixes Swiss, French and American musicians to perform in organized sections and freeing solos a 10-part composition by tenor saxophonist Alban Darche, who is also involved in many other international projects. MORE

December 16, 2015

Orcheatra Senza Confini/Orkester Brez Meja

Orcheatra Senza Confini/Orkester Brez Meja

Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin

Ichigo Ichie

Libra Records 212

Circum Grand Orchestra


Circum-Disc CD 1401

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris

Possible Universe

NBR SA Jazz 014

Bertrand Denzler/Onceim


Confront ccs 37

Something In The Air: Big Bands Redux

By Ken Waxman

Although most people associate big bands with the Swing Era dances and later, jazzier, manifestations such as Nimmons’n’Nine and The Boss Brass, despite the dearth of venues and difficulties of keeping even a combo working steadily, musicians persist in utilizing large ensembles. Like muralists who prefer the magnitude of a large canvas, composers, arrangers and players appreciate the colours and breath available using numerous, well-balanced instruments. MORE