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March 11, 2017

Dre Hocevar

Transcendental Within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder
Clean Feed CF 393 CD

Girotto/De Mattia/Cesseli/Kaučic

Il Sogno Di Una Cosa

Caligola 2213

Kača, Sraka in Lev Quintet

The Labour Suite

No Label No #

Samo Salamon & Stefano Battaglia


Klopotec Records IZK CD 037

Szilárd Mezei Septet


Oradek Records ODR CD 506

Something In The Air: Slovenia – of all places – Continues its Long Jazz Tradition MORE

November 16, 2015

Dre Hocevar Trio

Coding of Evidentiality
Clean Feed CF 325 CD

By Ken Waxman

Musically Dre Hocevar is the most generous of leaders. What else would describe the performances on this, his second CD? For while the Slovenian drummer composed all but one of the tracks here, the bulk of the space is given over to the playing of Belgian pianist Bram De Looze and American cellist Lester St. Louis. One track, “Cello Interlude No. 1” in fact, is just that – St. Louis, on his own, sounding out a darkened intermezzo of taut double stops and hardened sweeps. MORE