Reviews that mention Gianluca Alberti

September 2, 2019

Danielle Cavallanti A World of Sounds

Rudi Records RRJ1040

An exceptional session of mature, forthright improvisations, Shadows unequivocally proves that timbral experimentation can take place while maintaining a supportive rhythmic pulse. If there are any shadows cast on the nine selections here they’re those of John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy. But despite a similarity in instrumentation, the four Milanese players are accomplished enough to make a distinctive dialect mid-way between Bop and Free their native language.

Tenor saxophonist Danielle Cavallanti has been part of the Italian Instabile Orchestra and his own Nexus and other groups; Francesco Chiapperini, who plays alto saxophone, bass clarinet and flute, leads the Extemporary Vision Ensemble (EVE). Bassist Gianluca Alberti has recorded with Dino Betti Van Der Noot and EVE as has drummer Toni Boselli. MORE

June 16, 2015

Daniele Cavallanti and the Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble

Sounds of Hope
Rudi Records RRJ1026

High quality Jazz by anyone’s standards, Milan-based tenor saxophonist Daniele Cavallanti convened some of Italy top improvisers to create a sonic manifesto that confirms the talents of his associates. At the same time as the seven tracks inhabited by the 14-piece Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble (MCAE) showcase its mastery of the idiom, the performances reveal not only the expected Italian-American connections, but also the Italians’ adaptability to African tunes. As the band plays three tunes by the late South African trumpeter Mongezi Feza (1945-1975), it’s helpful to note that the southern tip of the Italian peninsula in separated from Northern Africa by a small body of water. Additionally, trade links have existed between the continents for many centuries. MORE