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February 16, 2021


Matchless MRCD102

At first the flash of three-part energy heard on the introduction to “Attunement” the first track encompassing the guitar frails and effects of N.O. Moore, the skronking saxophone split tones of ex-Jazz Warrior Jason Yarde and the crashes and splashes from drummer Eddie Prévost suggest that in his late seventies the long-time AMM percussionist may at have at last recorded a “rock” record. However as Nous unfolds, the five tracks recorded at London’s Vortex jazz club show that it’s the younger players, influenced by the drummer’s writing and playing with the minimalist AMM band, who are actually elevating his improvisational concepts in pitch and power. MORE

March 15, 2020

ArtActs ’20

March 6-8, 2020
St. Johann in Tirol, Austria

By Ken Waxman

Having passed the age at which Austrians can legally either vote or drink, the ArtActs (AA) festival entered its third decade in March 2020 with prodigious programming that spanned the perimeters of jazz and improvised music. Along with the annual three days of notable music from top-flight international improvisers presented at the Alte Gerberei (AG) arts space, one unprecedented event was Captured Memories, an exhibition of photos taken over the festival’s first 20 years by eight photographers including JazzWord’s Susan O’Connor. MORE

August 11, 2019

Météo Mulhouse Music Festival

August 27-31, 2019
Mulhouse, France

By Ken Waxman

Photos by Susan O'Connor

Having reached its 37th year without compromising its goal of presenting mature improvisers alongside younger musicians with newer concepts, the Météo Music Festival maintained that tradition throughout this year’s festival in late August. Creating an atmosphere where 21-year-old local drumming phenom Gaspard Beck is as welcomed and treated with the same respect as British saxophonist Evan Parker, 74, one of the pioneers of Free Music, confirms this. High quality sounds of all sorts were presented throughout the Mulhouse, France festival’s five days, with French performers featured along with those from Scandinavia, Asia, central Europe, North America, and pre-Brexit United Kingdom. MORE

May 12, 2015

Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit

For The Blue Notes
Ogun Records OGCD 042

Neelamjit Dhillon Quartet

Komagata Maru

No Label No #

Rudresh Mahanthappa

Bird Calls

ACT 9581-2

Rez Abbasi Acoutic Quartet

Intents and Purposes

Enja Records ENJ-952-2

Something In The Air: Varying Definitions of Ethnic-oriented Improvised Music

By Ken Waxman

When it comes to welcoming immigrants to North America, Canada and the United States have long had different policies. To Americans the ideal is the melting pot with all foreigners persuaded to become true-blue Yanks. Modern Canada, once it shook off fealty to Britain, has long promoted multi-culturalism, where immigrants become Canadians without giving up their homeland identity. Generalities should be avoided, but it’s informative to see these concepts played out in improvised music. Thus Neelamjit Dhillon, born in Vancouver of Sikh background, has created a notable CD based on the infamous 1914 incident when 376 mostly Sikh immigrants were refused entry to Canada. To do so he mixes traditional Indian instruments with Western ones. In contrast American performers, who are his contemporaries, and with similar immigrant roots, have recorded sessions exclusively linked to the un-hyphenated jazz continuum. MORE

April 27, 2015

Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet

4 Blokes
Ogun OGCD 043

Rarely is there a 67-minute CD that zips by as if it actually lasts 67 nanoseconds. But such is the level of elation raised by 4 Blokes that not only does it move with supersonic velocity, but you also which there was more of it.

Such is the universality of improvised music that this first recording makes it seem as if the 4 Blokes had been playing together forever. That’s a feat history makes impossible. South African drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo was born in 1940 and was playing professionally by the end of the 1950s. While saxophonist Jason Yarde and bassist John Edwards may have been working with the drummer since the early 1990s and pianist Alexander Hawkins and Moholo-Moholo now play in a widely praised duo, not one of this all-British trio was born when the drummer turned professional; the pianist in fact is 41 years younger than Moholo-Moholo. MORE