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March 13, 2018

George Cremaschi/Irene Kepl/Petra Vrba

Another Timbre at104

Bay's Leap

Swans over Dorking

City Stream CTYCD00108

North of North

The Moment In and Of Itself

Immediata IMM006

One of the few – or perhaps the only – musical genre named for the location in which it’s performed, chamber music has always carried the cachet of refinement. Sounds created by a few, preferably a trio, of stringed instruments, could never possess the noise and vulgarity that was even present in orchestral works. This sobriquet has continued into modern times, and used to describe more than so-called serious music. Chamber Jazz for instance is thought of as small group sounds performed at low volumes. MORE

April 17, 2015

Irene Kepl/Mark Holub


Colin Webster & Mark Holub


New Atlantis Records NACD 018

On busman’s holidays from his role as drummer with the highly popular, Jazz Rock-oriented Led Bib quintet, Mark Holub immerses himself in experimental sessions that are much more attention grabbing than his day job. Proofs positive are these CDs. Now a Vienna resident, on Taschendrache Holub immerses himself in a dozen duets with Austrian-violinist/electronics-manipulator Irene Kepl, who adds contemporary notated music tropes to his Jazz-Improv orientation. More conventional, in that saxophone-drum duos have long been part of Jazz, is Viscera, the fourth collaboration between the drummer and British alto, tenor and baritone saxophonist Colin Webster, also a member of the otherwise Dutch Dead Neanderthals trio. Substantiated by the CD title the Webster-Holub meeting probes the coarsest most lymphatic corners of unrefined improvisation. MORE