Reviews that mention Germaine Liu

July 11, 2015


Spume Records001

By Ken Waxman

Momentarily putting aside her notated work, multi-instrumentalist Allison Cameron teams up with fellow improvisers, trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud and percussionist Germaine Liu for a program of 11 instant compositions that play to each trio member’s strengths while cementing a group identity. Sophisticated when it comes to rhythm displacement the drummer still keeps a thumping continuum going, while the trumpeter ability to segue from aggressive gargling to yearning grace notes and beyond, provides perfect foils to the textures emanating from Cameron’s instrumental collection, which sometimes sound as if a kitchen drawer filled with cooking utensils and a workshop bench stacked with mechanical implements are igniting at the same time. MORE

January 11, 2015

THREADS (Quintet)

Trio Records TRP-019

By Ken Waxman

Every since he arrived in Toronto from his native Vancouver in 2001, guitarist Ken Aldcroft has been a constant presence on this city’s improvised music scene. Whether helping to organize concerts, teaching, playing solo gigs or as part of ensembles of varied sizes, he’s constantly exceeding expectations of what jazz involves. Also exceeding expectations is the first CD by his newest ensemble, which presents this music in concert at Jazz at Oscar’s this month. MORE