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June 20, 2014

Hera with special guest Hamid Drake

Seven Lines
MultiKulti MPI 030

By Ken Waxman

Billed as special guest, Hamid Drake fills more than that role on Seven Lines. The Chicago-based drummer fits into this expanded edition of the Polish Hera band like incense within a censer. The reason is simple. Known for his sophisticated contributions as a jazz drummer, Drake is also at ease in so-called world music, playing in African-inspired and reggae bands. Hera bandleader, reedist Wacław Zimpel is his homologue. A frequent associate of jazzers like Ken Vandermark, the clarinetist’s compositions for Hera are based on Japanese, Iranian tribal and Tibetan themes. Moreover when Zimpel and Hera’s saxophonist Paweł Postaremczak play harmonium, and Raphael Rogiński’s guitar and Maciek Cierliński’s hurdy-gurdy join in, it’s as if the ensemble is made up of tabla, sitar and ektara (one-stringed drone instrument). MORE