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August 18, 2019

Franz Koglmann Septet

Fruits of Solitude
ezz-thetics 1005

Usually mistakenly linked by non-Europeans to a Third Stream, retro West Coast-Cool style, Vienna based flugelhornist/trumpeter Franz Koglmann’s playing, composing and arrangements are joined to these genres by a very fragile thread. The obfuscation has come about because since he began recording more than 40 years ago, Koglmann’s work has been characterized by form as much as content; devising situations which don’t discard melody, but additionally invests program with nuanced swing with a fortified core. Among the 11 magisterial selections highlighted here careful listening determines that the brass player’s refined musical pastels suggest worldly orchestral arrangements of East Coasters such as Teddy Charles and Gigi Gryce as much as certified West coast icons, Shorty Rogers and Jimmy Giuffre saluted on Fruits of Solitude. MORE

April 13, 2014

The Five Roosters

Cinque Galli in Fuga (per Tacer Del Sesto)
Setola Di Maiale SM 2470

A 12-part suite that concentrates more on the journey’s details than its destination, Cinque Galli in Fuga, is unabashed free-form improvisation that somehow suggests the superiority of taste over the other senses. Without a proper knowledge of Italian idioms, the in-joke behind the title, loosely translated as “Five Roosters Escape”, plus the symbolism of musicians describing themselves as “roosters” may be best left to linguists or perhaps psychiatrists.

Instead concentrate on the soloing and interaction among five top Italian-based improvisers. In the front line the textural contrast is between Scottish-born Turin resident Martin Mayes, French hornist with the Italian Instabile Orchestra, and the alto and baritone saxophones of Massimo Falascone, known for his membership in trumpeter Guido Mazzon’s Gruppo Contemporaneo. Most of the tracks also feature additional contributions from soprano saxophonist Mario Arcari, who besides playing with the likes of bassist Barre Phillips was a founding member of Gruppo Folk Internazionale. An associate from Gruppo Contemporaneo, electric bassist Roberto Del Piano gives a distinctive sliding bottom to many of the tunes, while Pordenone, Italy-based, Swiss-born Stefano Giust, who has worked with saxophonists such as Carlo Actis Dato and Gianni Gebbia, is the drummer. Paolo Falascone adds percussion and effects to the final two tracks, although the question of whether he too is poultry is left unanswered. MORE