Reviews that mention Hannes Lingens

August 8, 2019

Die Hochstapler

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog
Umlaut Records UB010

Angelika Niescier

New York Trio

Intakt CD 321

Ocean Fanfare

First Nature

Barefoot Records BFREC 060 CD

Three variations on the venerable saxophone-trumpet-bass-drum formation shows its continued global popularity considering German, French, Italian, Polish, Danish and American players are involved. As importantly, the sessions demonstrate that even small tinkering with the formula(s) can result in wholly distinct if equally valid programs. MORE

January 21, 2019

Musæum Clausum

Musæum Clausum
Umlaut Records umfr-cd23

Frame Trio


FMR Records FMR CD491-0618

Elaborations in balanced improvisation that sidestep Chamber Jazz delicacy, these trans-European trios alter one instrument in the configuration – as well as performing concepts – to create equally valid musical environments. Musæum Clausum is made up of two French Umlaut Big Band members, cornetist Louis Laurain and bassist Sebastien Beliah with German drummer Hannes Lingens. Meanwhile the Frame Trio consists of Chamber 4 members, trumpeter Luís Vicente and guitarist Marcelo dos Reis from Portugal, plus Belgian bassist Nils Vermeulen. Surprisingly enough it’s the drum-less trio which projects a throbbing rhythmic feel, while Musæum Clausum is more committed to stable undulations with few sonic peaks and valleys. MORE

December 21, 2017

Jamie Drouin & Hannes Lingens

Intonema int021

The Holy Quintet


Mikroton cd 55

By Ken Waxman

Ranging far afield from his Victoria, B.C.-home base, sound artist/composer Jamie Drouin helps animate notable improvisational landscapes on these European-recorded sets. Borough’s two extended tracks find Drouin’s suitcase-sized modular synthesizer and radio put to good use as part of a quintet filled out by London-based David Ryan on bass clarinet, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga on zither and bassist Dominic Lash, plus another visitor, Berlin-based violist Johnny Chang. A live session concerned with large gestures and confrontational drones, its creative discordance is expressed differently than the program on Alluvium, a Berlin studio meeting between Drouin’s no-input mixer, contact microphone, laptop and radio plus German percussionist Hannes Lingens’ floor tom, snare drum and objects. Together the duo scrupulously explores microtones during nine brief and one extended track. MORE

March 12, 2016

Die Hochstapler

Plays the music of Alvin R. Buckley
Umlaut ub007

Christian Lillinger


Pirouet PIT 3086 Théo Ceccaldi’s Quartet

Petit Moutarde

ONJazz JP-001


Green Light

MultiKulti MPTO 12


Live at La Resistenza

El Negocito Records eNR041

Something in the Air: Young Blood Still Pumps in Jazz

By Ken Waxman

Child prodigies really don’t exist in improvised music. Occasionally there may be some youngster known for jazz playing. But unlike other musics which depend on a performer having a cute image or being able to copy what’s on the score paper, improvising demands full exposure of an inner self. Lacking maturity the majority of these tyros soon disappear. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t young improvising musicians. But to create notable works, like the skills of exceptional actors or visual artists, true musical talent is almost always refined during the player’s twenties or thirties. MORE

August 16, 2014


Umlaut Records ub005

Lillschwerdt John Russell/Ståle Liavik Solberg

No Step

Hispid Records HSPD 002

While for some the notion may seem like defining the variances between the New Orleans and Chicago schools of Classic Jazz, these guitar-drums duo CDs infer that there’s undoubtedly a sonic chasm between so-called traditional Free Music and what could be called contemporary Free Music.

Certainly the duo of British guitarist John Russell and Norwegian percussionist Ståle Liavik Solberg on what is evidentially a live session faithfully preserve one 33-minute improvisation exactly as it was created. On the other hand, the Berlin-based duo of guitarist Hannes Buder plus Hannes Lingens, who plays drums and objects, recorded their four-movement, almost 41-minute program over two months, later editing and mixing the sounds as they’re now heard on this release. Thus each CD sounds radically different despite a similarity in instrumentation. In terms of emotions expressed and story told, each variant is equally valid however. MORE

August 1, 2014

Festival Report

Jazzdor-Strasbourg-Berlin 2014
By Ken Waxman

The KulturBrauerei’s music space Kesselhaus in East Berlin was a fitting site for the eighth annual Jazzdor-Strasbourg-Berlin (JSB) festival June 3-6. With jazz and improvised music’s universality now a given, a festival presenting mostly French jazz taking place in what had been one of Berlin’s oldest breweries, now repurposed from industrial to artistic use, doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

Overall its all-inclusive musical theme was confirmed by the programming of JSB’s artistic director Philippe Ochem and his team, which already host Strasbourg’s annual Jazzdor festival. Over four nights, JSB presented musician from different parts of Germany, Belgium and the US plus proudly delineated Basque and Corsican players, all of whom worked with improvisers from France’s major musical centres. MORE

April 2, 2014

Die Hochstapler

The Braxtornette Project
Umlaut Records ub004



Greenleaf Music GLM 1036

Flex Bent Braam



Tom Rainey


Intakt Records CD 227

The Whammies

Play the Music of Steve Lacy Vol. 2

Driff Records CD 1303

Something In The Air: A New Take on Standards – Jazz and Otherwise

By Ken Waxman

Since jazz’s beginnings, the measure of a musician’s talent has not only been how well the person improvises, but also how he or she interprets standards. In the 21st century a standard song has evolved past its Tin Pan Alley origins, plus distinctive purely jazz compositions have entered the canon. But while more conservative players treat standards as immutable, the CDs here are noteworthy because their creators distinctively re-imagine standards. MORE