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August 7, 2020

Stephen Gauci/Ava Mendoza/Vijay Anderson

Studio Sessions Vol. 4
Gauci Music No #


Interpersonal Subjectivities

Astral Spirits MF218/AS 117

Replacing the double bass with a guitar in a free improving trio with saxophone and drums opens up new possibilities since the six-string can function as rhythm or front-line instrument. However as these sessions reveal thinking musicians can twist this trio combination into any shape.

As raw and visceral as its blunt title, the Brooklyn-based Studio Sessions Vol. 4 pits the unabashed and corybantic tenor saxophone techniques of Stephen Gauci, who has worked with everyone from Adam Lane to Cooper Moore with the distorted frailings of guitarist Ava Mendoza, leader of the Unnatural Ways band, who has played with the likes of ROVA. Backing with bombast is drummer Vijay Anderson, an associate of Vinny Golia and Lisa Mezzacappa, Dedicated to a more organic approach is the trio on Interpersonal Subjectivities’ three selections. Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama has worked with Keiji Haino and Taku Sugimoto. British percussionist Nicolas Field has played with Jacques Demierre and Akira Sakata; while Geneva-based tenor saxophonist Vidic Gregor is associated with George Hadow and Albert Cirera. MORE

April 8, 2014

Artist Feature:

Lisa Mezzacappa
By Ken Waxman

As a teenage electric bass player in metal, punk and ska bands on Staten Island, Lisa Mezzacappa probably never envisioned her eventual musical future. But today, Mezzacappa, 39, concentrating on acoustic bass, is acknowledged as one of improvised music’s movers and shakers in the Bay area, where she has lived since 2001. She has recorded 12 CDs as leader or co-leader, many more as a sideperson, played all over North America and Europe, and as “musical instigator” organizes local concerts. New Yorkers can see her in action this month gigging with non-West Coast players, including two Brooklyn-based musicians who complete her cross-country trio. MORE

February 11, 2014

Adam Lane Trio

Absolute Horizon
NoBusiness NBCD61

The Sabir Mateen

Jubilee Ensemble

NotTwo MW 862-2

Black Host

Life In the Sugar Candle Mines

Northern Spy NS 039

By Ken Waxman

From the time he relocated to NYC from Virginia about a decade ago, alto saxophonist Darius Jones made a major impact on the local scene, partnering with the likes of pianist Matthew Shipp, plus releasing acclaimed CDs as a leader. But Jones is a collaborative musician and these notable discs find him using his considerable talents to help realize others’ visions. MORE

March 5, 2013

Vinny Golia/Marco Eneidi/Lisa Mezzacappa/Vijay Anderson

Hell-Bent in the Pacific
No Business Records NBCD 49

By Ken Waxman

Both a reunion and a new configuration, the galloping interaction which makes up Hell-Bent in the Pacific unites alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi, who now lives in Austria, with his West Coast rhythm section plus added impetus from Los Angeles-based Vinny Golia’s many reeds.

Golia’s wide-ranging gigs have frequently put him in contact with bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and drummer Vijay Anderson, two of the Bay area’s busiest players, so that his contributions are inspired not alienating. Meanwhile Eneidi, a Californian who has been in Vienna since 2004, easily locks into a groove with the bassist and drummer. Crucially as well, his empathy with Golia is such that when the Angelo concentrates on tenor the result recalls the memorable two-horn partnership Eneidi had in the ‘90s with the late Glenn Spearman (1947-1998). MORE