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December 25, 2012


Cousin It
Hopscotch Records Hop 23

Eve Risser/Benjamin Duboc/Edward Perraud


Dark Tree DT02

Two explorations of the classic piano trio format shows that there’s still a lot to discover in this configuration, Nonetheless, both performances are made more viable by an avoidance of prettiness while still demonstrating complementary impulses emanating from keyboard, double bass and drums.

Cousin It was recorded in 2008, but just recently released and is seemingly no relation – and much less hirsute – than The Adams Family’s Cousin Itt. During the course of eight improvisations things get hairy only occasionally as bassist John Edwards and drummer Steve Noble, who singly or together have recorded with everyone from Evan Parker to Derek Bailey, work out strategies to fit the often startling mercurial outbursts from Israeli pianist Maya Dunietz. Dunietz, a musical polymath, only counts improvisation as one part of her skill set. She has created sound installations, been lead singer for a couple of hard-core bands, been part of a multi-ethnic choir and composes music for theatre and formal ensembles. MORE