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April 17, 2015

The Alliteration

The Alliteration
Creative Sources CS 265 CD

Gimmicky, in that that each of the seven track titles on the CD is alliterative as are the names of the seven performers, but The Alliteration band members prove their seriousness performing carefully balanced Jazz-based instant compositions. Such is the looseness that the seven bring to the interpretations though, that the polyphonic results relate as much to the free-for-all of a Dixieland party as the arch seriousness of Ascension.

Berlin-based, each band member is part of that city’s cross-cultural gestalt. At least four countries are represented as well. Trumpeter Nikolaus Neuser, saxophonist Manuel Miethe and drummer Maurice de Martin are German; trombonist Gerhard Gschlössl Austrian, bassist Akira Ando Japanese and clarinetist Floros Floridis and pianist Antonis Anissegos, Greek. Each has played with several of the others in many contexts and because of this brings to the mix their experience with film-scoring dynamics, formal notated music and folkloric explorations. Segues are as frequent as they are unexpected. Often reed choruses of yelps, clips and flutters are succeeded by stentorian string motifs that could add ballast to a philharmonic recital, with those motifs then followed by go-for-broke extended techniques invested with deadly seriousness. Other times the interface opens up into near-hedonistic swing as joyful and heedless as fanciful rhythm exercises. What cements the parts together however is the perceptive interlocking of theme with invention. MORE

April 1, 2012

Günter Baby Sommer

Melting Game
Jazz Werkstatt JW 101

André Goudbeek/Peter Jacquemyn/Lê Quan Ninh


NotTwo MW 859-2

Putting to rest – perhaps permanently –the old saw that Jazz is a young man’s game, are these two exceptional trio sessions. Each of them feature musicians, who, with the exception of Belgian bassist Peter Jacquemyn, who is 49 and counting, features musicians who will never see 50 again, let alone 20. At the same time each set reaches its sonic zenith in a different way. Uwaga is an unbridled exercise in super-intense Energy Music while Melting Game encompasses 10 compositions which refer as much to the ongoing Jazz tradition as futuristic experimentation. MORE

October 15, 2011

Willi Kellers/Thomas Borgmann/Akira Ando

Boom Box Jazz
Jazzwerkstatt JW 106

Flow Trio

Set Theory – Live at the Stone

Ayler AYLCD 107

Reports of Free Jazz`s death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the derision, rejection and outright venom that has been directed at it since that musical expression came to the fore in the early 1960s, committed improvisers continue to discover nuances for self-expression unhampered by themes, bar lines or so-called proper instrumental techniques

Consider these discs by the all-American Flow Trio of saxophonist Louie Belogonis, bassist Joe Morris and drummer Charles Downs plus the German/Japanese threesome of saxophonist Thomas Borgmann, bassist Akira Ando and percussionist Willi Kellers. Like the best players in every idiom, each ensemble tackles the challenge of Free Jazz with novel variations on the now venerable sounds. MORE