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January 11, 2021

Matt Moran Trio

Return Trip
Diskonife Records 006

Jeff Cosgrove

History Gets Ahead of the Story

Grizzly Music No #

Two unusual takes on the organ trio prove their unconventionality by expanding it in singular manners. Although Maryland-based drummer Jeff Cosgrove works with the genre’s traditional configuration of organ, drums and a horn, instead of sticking to the usual program of standards and warhorses, all selections were composed by bassist William Parker, with whom the drummer worked earlier in the decade. As for New York-based vibraphonist Matt Moran, he adds his instrument’s unique intonation to the familiar drum and organ backing, a blend that was explored only briefly by Johnny Lytle and Lem Winchester during Soul Jazz’s heyday. MORE

July 11, 2015

Kris Davis

Save Your Breath
Clean Feed CF322 CD

By Ken Waxman

Consolidating her considerable musical gifts, Canadian-born, New York-based Kris Davis organized a uniquely constituted octet here to premiere or bolster her compositions. Confirming her range, the eight tunes are breezy and animated in spots, while looped around a dense, metal-like core. With the ensemble consisting of Ben Goldberg, Oscar Noriega, Joachim Badenhorst and Andrew Bishop playing different sized clarinets; drummer Jim Black and guitarist Nate Radley; plus Gary Versace on organ and Davis’ piano, the engendered textures frequently infer many associations, often during the same tune. MORE

May 9, 2014

Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar Multiplicity

Leave the Door Open
Whirlwind Recordings WR4646

By Ken Waxman

Guitarist Joel Harrison delves into Indo-Jazz fusion plus some nods to so-called Americana with this CD,co-led with sarod (Indian lute) player Anupam Shobhakar. Unlike earlier experimenters, who usuallye xhibited both genres side by side, Harrison’s take is more sophisticated and profound, blending original textures into a unique mix. On the jazz side are keyboardist Gary Versace, saxophonist David Binney, bassist Hans Glawischnig and percussionist Todd Isler while Shobhakar has a background in both classical Hindustani music and indie rock and the versatile Dan Weiss is equally proficient on drums and tablas. The addition of Mumbai-based vocalists on a couple of tracks doesn’t shift the balance. MORE

October 2, 2013

Ellery Eskelin Trio

New York II
Prime Source 7010

Ellery Eskelin


Clean Feed CF 271 CD

Although exposing characteristic and innovative reed comportment on both these trio sessions, tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin’s choice of partners results in highly idiosyncratic and original discs. A superficial listing of personnel would deem Mirage the reedist’s country and western CD and New York II his standards disc, the conceptions that go into each are much more profound than these rote descriptions. MORE

September 30, 2011

Ellery Eskelin

Trio New York
Prime Source CD 6010

Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black

One Great Night ... Live

hatOLOGY 683

These two sides of Brooklyn-based tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin’s trio sounds aren’t as disparate as they appear on the surface. While Eskelin is identified with the experimental side of improvised music, typified by his trio with keyboardist Andrea Parkins and drummer Jim Black plus sideman gigs with the likes of drummer Gerry Hemingway, the results are only far-out when measured against the most rigidly conservative Jazz. MORE