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April 13, 2009

Moscow Composers Orchestra featuring Sainko

Portrait of an Idealist
Leo Records CD LR 527

Festive rather than sombre, Portrait of an Idealist is a raucous send-off and heart-felt salute to Nick Dmitriev, who died suddenly in 2004. He was a Moscow-based gadfly, lecturer, writer and concert organizer who helped nurture Russian post-perestroika free music.

Dmitriev, who ran a local club and organized Russian tours for visiting improvisers, also helped put together and manage the Moscow Composers Orchestra. Thus its fitting that this octet, lead by Russian-British pianist Vladimir Miller performs the program aided by the inimitable vocals of Sainkho Namchylak, the Tuvan singer who has become one of the celebrities of the Eastern European glasnost scene. Recorded at Posciavio’s Uncool Jazz Festival, the program mixes Namchylak’s sung and recited poetry with selections from the work of Russian poet Daniil Kharms, yet another intellectual victim (in 1941) of state Stalinism. MORE