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December 13, 2008

Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel

Ode to a Dying Planet
Ayler Records aylDL 084

Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel

Star Flakes!

Alpha Phonics APCD-R3

Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel

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Alpha Phonics APCD-R2

Described as a profound, evolving sonic or an irritant that refuses to go away, Free Jazz continues to flourish on the margins of the improvised music world despite the efforts of some to label it a short-term, out-of-date aberration.

New York, which arguably birthed the style in the mid-1960s, remains one of its hotbeds, with frequent out-of-way or unknown sessions taking place throughout the city. Each of these CDs by drummer Marc Edwards and his Slipstream Time Travel ensemble is representative of the emotional and experimental gestalt that continues to burble in Gotham, with the main difference between the self-produced Alpha Phonics discs and the Ayler download sessions, a higher standard of mixing and mastering on the latter. MORE