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June 11, 2018

Roscoe Mitchell

Bells for the South Side
ECM 2494/2495

Roscoe Mitchell/Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra

Ride the Wind

Nessa ncd-40

Roscoe Mitchell-Matthew Shipp

Accelerated Projection

RogueArt Rog 0079

Daniel Carter/William Parker/Matthew Shipp

Seraphic Light

AUM Fidelity AUM 106

Something In The Air: The Continued Relevance of Composer/Performer Roscoe Mitchell

By Ken Waxman

More than a half-century after his recording debut, multi-reedist Roscoe Mitchell shows no sign of slowing down as a player or composer. One of the founders of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (ACCM) and the Art Ensemble of Chicago (AEC), Mitchell, who also teaches, keeps the AEC going alongside experiments with ensembles ranging from duos to big bands. Many of the bigger configurations are pliable however, so what at first appear to be a large ensemble turns out to be several subsets of musicians who more faithfully portray some of Mitchell’s thornier compositions. MORE

January 6, 2018

Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core

Wild Red Yellow
RogueArt ROG-0075

The Rempis Percussion Quartet


Aerophonic 014

Two post-modern saxophonists playing three of their own extended compositions backed up by a drum team plus. That’s the simple description of these discs showcasing Bay area tenor and sopranino saxophonist Larry Ochs’ six-member Sax and Drumming Core and Chicago-based alto, tenor and baritone saxophonist Dave Rempis’ four-piece Percussion Quartet. Yet like juxtaposing Chicago and Berkley because they’re both cities, there are more differences than similarities between the two exciting discs. MORE

July 28, 2017

Lisa Mezzacappa

avant NOIR
Clean Feed CF 401 CD

Often a set of compositions on a certain record are so cinematic that the usual bromide is that the collective sounds should be a film soundtrack. In a post-modern mash-up Bay area composer Lisa Mezzacappa has triumphed over the cliché. Like a graphic novel which illustrates a written concept in a different medium, avant NOIR’s eight tracks delineate classic detective yarn tropes, but are self-contained enough to stand on their own.

Modern technology is also used judiciously to demarcate these salutes to seminal works by Dashiell Hammett and Paul Auster. Not only are these audio belles-lettres burnished with arresting contributions from saxophonist Aaron Bennett, guitarist John Finkbeiner, percussionists William Winant and Jordan Glenn, but Mezzacappa’s use of sampled Film Noir dialogue underscored by Tim Perkis’ electronics adds extended processes plus memorable aphorisms to the purposeful fantasy. MORE

October 6, 2016

Roscoe Mitchell Trio

Angel City
RogueArt ROG-0061

Ensemble SuperMusique

Les accords intuitifs

Ambiances Magnétiques AM 222



NoBusiness NBLP 92/93

RED Trio with John Butcher

Summer Skyshift

Clean Feed CF 372 CD

Jack DeJohnette

In Movement

ECM 2488

Something in the Air: Interpreting Roscoe Mitchell’s Challenging and Influential Music

By Ken Waxman

October 11, 2014

Artist Feature

Ches Smith
By Ken Waxman

To exaggerate a bit, it appears that there was never a time in his life that Ches Smith wasn’t playing drums. Even today at 40, the Brooklyn-based percussionist seems to rarely move from behind his kit. Besides leading his own groups, which include the These Arches quintet, a couple of trios and his Good for Cows duo with bassist Devin Hoff, Smith is kept busy as a sideman in bands led by among others Tim Berne, Marc Ribot and Mary Halvorson, plus indie-rock stalwarts such as Xiu Xiu and Secret Chiefs 3. There’s also his Congs for Brums solo percussion project; and he can sometime be found in NYC’s outskirts participating in extended vodou drum ceremonies. MORE

July 15, 2013

Gratkowski/Brown/Winant + Gerhard E. Winkler

Vermilion Traces/Donaueschingen 2009
Leo Records CD LR 653/654

Confusing the categories once again is German saxophonist/clarinetist Frank Gratkowski on this significant double CD, which at first hearing sounds more like contemporary notated music than improvisation. But improvised it is, at least on CD1, since the saxophonist’s partners – percussionist William Winant and keyboardist Chris Brown – are California academics as comfortable working in Jazz and Improv music idioms as they are with so-called classical sounds.

The situation is more untidy on the first track of CD2, where the three are joined in a live performance in Donaueschingen by Salzburg-born composer Gerhard E. Winkler on his commissioned score “Bikini. Atoll”. Someone who creates interactive computer environments Winkler use the granular synthesis of his computer program to capture and rearrange the free improvisations created by the musicians playing. They aren`t fazed. MORE

November 20, 2008

Larry Ochs

The Mirror World
Metalanguage MLX 2007

Two profoundly different – and stirring – musical musings on the unique films of the late Stan Brakhage, saxophonist Larry Ochs’ compositions, which make up The Mirror World, sonically reach the sense of infinite variety which Brakhage achieved in his films. Neither a portrait of one cinematic creation nor designed as a soundtrack to any of Brakhage’s works, Ochs compositions stand on their own, positing as original ways of hearing sounds as the film maker found personal ways to communicate his version of seeing light. MORE