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April 30, 2006

Szilárd Mezei International Ensemble

Leo Records

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra
Negra Tigra

Copenhagen Art Ensemble
Don’t Mention the War
Stunt Records

By Ken Waxman
April 30, 2006

Variations on a theme, each of these CDs from Northern and Central European mid-sized bands subtly mesh tinctures available from different-sized ensembles into ensemble aural pictures, rather then relying on the vibrant colors from single featured soloists.

Constituted as a bedside cameo, a front room landscape or a museum-sized hanging, the three discs feature bands of eight (Draught), 10 (Negra Tigra), and 14 (Don’t Mention the War) players – with all the ensembles officially smaller than big bands, but large enough to provide distinctive shadings in these art works. MORE