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August 21, 2018

Peter Bruun’s All Too Human

Vernacular Avant-garde
Ayler AYLCD-155

One of those players whose musical allegiance lies somewhere between improvised music and Pop-Rock, Danish drummer Peter Bruun explores this ambiguity on the half-dozen tracks on this brief CD. Aided by a trio of players with similar backgrounds, Bruun who wrote all the tunes and provides unfussy rhythm tracks manages this balancing act quite well. Yet so-called vernacular sounds come out on top of so-called avant-garde ones most of the time.

Bruun is also part of Samuel Blaser’s working trio which includes French guitarist Marc Ducret. Ducret, known for his work with Tim Berne, leads many of his own groups, some of which have featured Danish brass player Kasper Tranberg. Both are also featured here. Meantime the CD’s keyboard additions are from another non-melancholy Dane, Simon Toldam, who often works with Han Bennink. MORE

July 11, 2018

Samuel Blaser Trio

Taktlos Zürich 2017
hatOLOGY 747

Wolter Wierbos/Jasper Stadhouders/Tim Daisy

Sounds in a Garden

Relay Recordings 017

One freedom now readily apparent in contemporary improvised music is what is considered an appropriate ensemble. Gone are the days where so-called classical chamber group often consisted of only string players or when a jazz combo was a rhythm section plus one to three horn players. While the trios on these somewhat abstruse sessions consist of one brass, one chordal and one percussion instrument, each of the participants have worked in as many unconventional as commonplace configurations to not need a conventional line up. These bands also reflect music’s increasing internationalism. A working group, the Samuel Blaser Trio is headed by a Swiss trombonist as well as consisting of French guitarist Marc Ducret and Danish percussionist Peter Bruun. An ad-hoc grouping, the Sounds in a Garden were made by American drummer Tim Daisy, and two visitors from the Netherlands, celebrated trombonist Wolter Wierbos and Jasper Stadhouders, who plays both guitar and electric bass. MORE

August 1, 2017

Citadelic ‘17

Ghent, Belgium
May 31 to June 5

By Ken Waxman

Citadel Park in Ghent has been the green lungs of this city in East Flanders since the fortress for which it’s named was demolished in 1875. The park contains both the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts. For a few days every summer though, the park is also the showcase for musical art when the annual Citadelic Festival takes place within the park’s 2,500 acres. The festival, now it its tenth year, presented more than 20 concerts between May 31 to June 5 this year including local and international Jazz and improvised musicians. MORE

April 7, 2016

Festival Report

By Ken Waxman

When attending a Copenhagen gig, ensure you’re on time. Unlike “jazz time” where a set begins from one-half to one hour late, the Danes are so punctual that during the final days of Copenhagen’s annual VinterJazz (VJ) festival February 24 to 27, 15 minutes was the average “delayed” start time. Created 15 years ago as a relation to the summer Copenhagen Jazz Festival, in 2016, hundreds of shows throughout the city took place under the VJ banner often simultaneously, so selectivity was the watchword. MORE

June 6, 2015

Artist Feature

Samuel Blaser
By Ken Waxman

Swiss-born trombonist Samuel Blaser maintains strong North American ties that extend far beyond the musicians on Spring Rain (Whirlwind), his newest CD. While the disc, dedicated to Jimmy Giuffre (1921-2008) feature all-American backing from keyboardist Russ Lossing, bassist Drew Gress and drummer Gerald Cleaver, one of his frequent trans-Atlantic trips bring him to NYC this month for a series of gigs with other long-time associates such as drummer Harris Eisenstadt, bassist Michael Bates and tenor saxophonist Michael Blake – all Canadians. “It’s like a big family” says Blaser, 33. “I like to draw upon the same members in many of my bands.” MORE

March 28, 2015

Marc Ducret

Ayler Records AYLCD 139-140

Culmination of a multi-year creative project, Tower-Bridge collects all the players involved in Paris-based guitarist Marc Ducret’s four previous Tower CDs for a raunchy blow-up recorded at two French jazz festivals. With the six compositions described as programmatic, but not obviously so, the real point of this two-CD set is how well the 12-pice ensemble and different sub sets of the band interpret the guitarist’s spiky compositions. Influenced by Ducret’s appreciation for Vladimir Nabokov’s 1969 novel Ada, how well his adaptations reflect the novel’s themes is best left to Nabokov scholars and other literary types. Musically, the only audible leitmotif is frequent reliance on the ADA palindrome. MORE

March 23, 2015

Peter Bruun

Unintended Consequences
ILK 212 LP

Obdurate, microtonal tracks, the seven graphical compositions by Danish drummer Peter Bruun that unroll with dawdling unhurriedness on this LP, confirm the writing skills of the percussionist who in the past has been part of aggregations headed by innovators such as French guitarist Marc Ducret and British pianist Django Bates. Considering through, that many of the dynamics on these atmospheric tracks’ relate to deliberate keyboard motions, the unintended consequences is that the focus is most frequently on the interpretations of pianist Søren Kjærgaard, known for his collaborations with American drummer Andrew Cyrille. MORE

June 13, 2013

Mark Solberg Trio Feat. Herb Robertson & Evan Parker

The Trees
Ilk 199 CD

Herb Robertson/Dave Kaczorowski/Adrian Valosin

Party Enders

NotTwo MW 867-2

By Ken Waxman

New Jersey-born trumpeter Herb Robertson may be a prophet without honor in his own country; he’s more appreciated in Europe than the US. Overseas he works high-profile gigs as a member of Barry Guy’s New Orchestra (BGNO) and with other bands; in the US it’s usually small groups and small clubs. With a reverberating, powerful attack that can harmonize sympathetically with others’ timbres, it’s no surprise Robertson is busy in Europe. Both CDs here are on European imprints. MORE

October 10, 2011

Marc Ducret

Tower Vol. 1
Ayler AYLCD-118

By Ken Waxman

Best-known for his association with New York saxophonist Time Bern which goes back to the 1990s, Paris guitarist Marc Ducret proves with this quintet CD that sharp, spiky jazz-rock improv can still be created. But the reason Tower Vol. 1 is of such high quality is that the self-taught guitarist knows how to tweak the style so that its intellectual as well as its rhythmic qualities are emphasized.

Ducret, who has been a professional playing in a variety of contexts since he was 17, surrounds himself with a unique French-Danish line-up that’s similarly versatile. There’s no double bass here, its function taken by the blaring pedal point of Fred Gastard’s bass saxophone. The work of trumpeter Kasper Tranberg and trombonist Matthias Mahler showcases distinctive plunger solos as well as more expected stacked horn riffs. Furthermore, just as the guitarist can pump out kinetic rock-oriented licks when he wishes, so drummer Peter Bruun emphasizes the beat, but his rim shots and rebounds can be irrefutably refined as well. MORE

April 17, 2006


Live at Glenn Miller Café
Ayler aylCD 013

Prima Ballerina
Ilk Music 117 CD

Veteran Scandinavian saxophonists are the focal point of both these trio sessions. But while PRIMA BALLERINA is the first document from a well-balanced Danish sax-bass-drums aggregation that has been playing together constantly since 2002, LIVE is a one-off club date that is actually a Swedish reedist’s first headlining session, and where his rhythm section partners are far better known then he.

Umeå-born alto saxophonist Lars-Göran Ulander’s day job is as chief jazz radio producer for the Swedish Broadcasting Corp. He also played in different bands over the years, most notably in the 1960s and 1970s with trombonist Lars Lystedt and pianist Per Henrik Wallin. But after 40 years of recording, this is the initial CD released under his own name. Look at his backing dream team however. Young Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love has in a short time become the go-to percussionists for leaders on both sides of the Atlantic from Chicago reedist Ken Vandermark to British saxophonist Evan Parker. As for Stockholm-native, bassist Palle Danielsson, he was a member of the touring bands of Americans, pianist Keith Jarrett and saxophonist Charles Lloyd in the 1970s, and now works all over Europe. MORE