Reviews that mention Bill Folwell

June 27, 2019

The Oddyssey Quartet

Suite for the End of the Earth
No Label No #

A passionate if somewhat puzzling billet doux to Albert Ayler, this brief (31 minute) Suite for the End of the Earth is compelling in many ways, but seems to salute the memory of the late tenor saxophonist rather than the precedent shattering sounds he produced in his short life.

On the Ayler-connection side of the equation in its favor is that The Oddyssey Quartet’s bassist is Bill Folwell who was in Ayler’s group for a time in the 1960s. Plus soprano and tenor saxophonist David Pate, who is front and centre most of the time, is an accomplished honker who can propel atonal tones forward with the best. MORE

February 13, 2006


New Grass
Impulse! B000426902

Weirdest of all of saxophonist Albert Ayler’s bizarre recording sessions, NEW GRASS has been infamous since it was first issued in 1968 as the disc that unsuccessfully tried to turn the avant-garde avatar into a pop star.

Even with the steady beat of drummer Pretty Purdie – who by his own count has been on literally thousands of pop records – simple songs plus a female chorus, if the people at Impulse! Records thought this CD would turn Ayler (1936-1970) into a pop star you wonder what they were smoking. The answer may be in the album title. MORE