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January 23, 2006


Flowers You Can Eat

Nickendes Perlgras
Meat Hat

By Ken Waxman
January 23, 2006

With the notion of regular working groups seemingly as fanciful as the tales of the Brothers Grimm, reedist Michael Thieke, like many other players of his generation has been forced to improvise in more than just his solos.

Living alternately in the Berlin and Rome, Thieke, 34, who plays alto saxophone clarinet and alto clarinet, is a member of many groups that straddle the approximate boundaries of Free Jazz, Improvised Music and New music. His best-known association is with Gebhard Ullman’s clarinet trio that also includes Jürgen Kupke. Evidently secure sharing space with other reed players – other bands he’s in feature Alessandro Bosetti or Kai Fagaschinski – two of his newest affiliations find him as the only reed player in a trio situation. MORE