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October 16, 2005

Tiziano Tononi & the Ornettians

Peace Warriors Vol. 1
Black Saint

Playing with Eric
Splasc (H)

By Ken Waxman
October 16, 2005

Yin and yang of Free Jazz’s first generation of alto saxophonists, the authority and innovation Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman both brought to the music makes them often celebrated figures, despite Dolphy’s untimely death 41 years ago, and Coleman’s quirky and infrequent public appearances.

Because of fusion and neo-con indifference, though, many jazzers haven’t really noticed just how different Coleman and Dolphy are and were. On these CDs however, an Italian trio of a pianist, a violinist and a double bassist confirm Dolphy’s innate progressive conservatism with Playing with Eric; while percussionist Tiziano Tononi’s sextet substantiates the ongoing challenge of Coleman’s compositions on its Peace Warriors, Vol. 1. MORE