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June 7, 2021

Laura Toxværd/Jacob Anderskov/Maria Faust

CALLING: Live from Winterjazz in Copenhagen 2020
New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings NEWJAiM1

Using graphic notation as prompts and expanding her duo concept of earlier years still further, Danish alto saxophonist Laura Toxværd works through variants of timbre, pitch and tone on this compelling release An academic, who has recorded with the likes of John Tchicai, the saxophonist welcomes back her former duo partner, Danish pianist Jacob Anderskov and Estonian alto saxophonist Maria Faust, both of whom lead their own groups. Yet the noises produced by this trio are the closest to a percussion ensemble that can be created without percussion instruments. MORE

October 2, 2019

Evan Parker & Kinetics

Clean Feed CF 525 CD

Rich Halley

Terra Incognita

Pine Eagle Records 012

A hoary Jazz tradition, the idea of linking an out-of-town instrumentalist with a local rhythm section has been an accepted fashion in mainstream clubs since the 1940s. Based on the common knowledge of ballads, standards and Blues, lone wolves like Sonny Stitt specialized in this ad hoc atmosphere, and even recorded with diminishing returns in this fashion. But what if the established rhythm section and the standout soloist are all committed to exploratory Free Music? These CDs demonstrate that with commitment from all, the melded musical program can be bolstered rather than lessened. MORE

February 22, 2013


Phone Book
ILK 190 CD

Alister Spence/Raymond MacDonald

Stepping Between the Shadows

Rufus Records RF095

From the time of Johnny Hodges’ work with Duke Ellington, and especially Paul Desmond’s with Dave Brubeck, the musical compatibility of alto saxophone and piano has been emphasized; and sometimes put in broader relief by featuring no other accompaniment.

Danes, alto saxophonist Laura Toxvaerd and pianist Jacob Anderskov express this in an exemplary fashion on Phone Book, interpreting four of the saxophonist’s graphic scores based on telephone book listings – city and country not specified. More freewheeling, Stepping Between the Shadows features seven free-form elaborations that link Australian keyboardist Alister Spence with Scottish alto saxophonist Raymond MacDonald. Each member of the two duos has extensive experience elsewhere. Anderskov has played with stylists such as reedist Chris Speed and drummer Gerald Cleaver plus lead his own group, while Toxvaerd front her own band and is also a part of one of Anderskov’s as well. Spence, who plays piano and prepared piano here has also worked with such musicians as bassists Joe Williamson and Lloyd Swanton. A founder of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, MacDonald has worked with individuals such as bassist Barry Guy and saxophonist Lol Coxhill. MORE

December 10, 2012

Jacob Anderskov

Granular Alchemy
ILK 195 CD

Mark Solborg

Solborg 4+4+1

ILK 191 CD

By Ken Waxman

Recorded five days apart in Copenhagen in 2010, these CDs from two young veterans of the Danish improv scene, present differing versions of defining contemporary music. They also demonstrate the demand for the talents of tenor saxophonist and clarinetist Chris Speed, featured on both discs. If the Brooklyn-based Speed doesn’t have enough to do stateside, helping to run Skirl Records and playing with many so-called downtowners, he frequently gigs in Europe. Connections go deeper than that, of course. Guitarist Mark Solborg and pianist Jacob Anderskov, the CDs’ leaders, earlier forged connections with Speed while working and studying in New York. Anderskov’s Granular Alchemy and Solborg 4+4+1 are among the dozens of musical projects in which each is involved. MORE

October 22, 2012


Green Sounds
ILK CD 187

Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio & Jeb Bishop

Burning Live

JACC Records 017

Shaking things up for a new take on what had been a cohesive group sound is the point of both these CDs. And in both cases change is effected by adding a resourceful trombone voice to an already flexible band. What’s most notable is how the resulting arrangement proceeds in an individual matter. Without wanting to perpetuate North-South clichés, Burning Live, recorded with a mostly Portuguese band, is a heated slice of frenetic Free Jazz, while Green Sounds by the mostly Danish Lovedale is cooler and more restrained. MORE

March 4, 2011


Ardent Grass
Red Toucan RT 9340

By Ken Waxman

Possibly the key to this memorable exercise in chamber improv by German reedist Frank Gratkowski and Danish pianist Jacob Anderskov is the final track, which was actually the disc’s sound check. On it the two limber up by playing pastiches of jazz standards and neo bop.

That suggests that Gratkowski, usally known for spikier work with associates such as pianist Simon Nabatov or in the Bik Bent Braam band; and Anderskov, whose more usual playing partners are sound-extenders such as bassist Michael Formanek or reedist Chris Speed; set out to make a conventionally modern record. Judging by their experience and talent that they accomplished their goal is no surprise; that the jazz climate is often so conservative that many would consider this collection of originals far out, is shameful. MORE

April 25, 2005

Jacob Anderskov Trio

On The Loose
ILK/Scraggly Records

Doctor Structure
Godot … stuck in traffic
ILK/Scraggly Records

By Ken Waxman
April 25, 2005

Both sides of young Danish pianist Jacob Anderskov are exposed on these twinned releases from his own ILK/Scraggly label. There’s no denying his compositional and performance skills – he’s got the music awards from his home country to prove it – but properly rating both session means deciding what he adds to these CDs, a mainstream jazz piano trio and an almost-fusion effort on which he intermittently plays electric piano. MORE