Reviews that mention Rodney Jones

February 7, 2005


Too Damn Hot
Palmetto PM 2105

Deep Blue Bruise
Delmark DE 556

At last, two honest, straight-ahead organ trio records.

Using the guitar-organ and drums format that has been standard since Wild Bill Davis invented the genre in the late 1940s, the members of Dr. Lonnie Smith’s band and the Deep Blue Organ trio score because they pointedly don’t try to supposedly improve or update the style.

Thus there are no affectations here such as 20-minute jam band-like noodling; no additional synthesizer or other electronic riffs added to simple, yet powerful rhythms; and no attempts to transform grunge classics into funk numbers. Instead the bands work out on a collection of originals, jazz and rock classics and -- to be honest -- tunes that skirt schlock, making them all instant foot tappers that impress as they lock into the groove. MORE