Reviews that mention Henry Kaiser

September 13, 2017

Rova/Kyle Bruckmann/Henry Kaiser

Steve Lacy’s Saxophone Special Revisited
Clean Feed CF 415 CD

Uwe Oberg/Rudi Mahall/Michael Griener

Lacy Pool…2

Leo Records CD LR 792

With saxophonist Steve Lacy’s death now 13 years in the past, musicians have begun dealing with his musical legacy in different ways. Like a visual artist celebrated for his painting who was also an accomplished sculptor, Lacy’s capability as a master improviser who established the soprano saxophone in modern Jazz is unquestioned; evaluating the music he composed over a 50-year career is the next challenge. The CDs here realize the material’s potential however because each group involved interprets Lacy’s works according to its own ideas, rather than embalming it as is the concept behind so-called ghost bands. MORE

November 22, 2004


Sky Garden
Cuneiform Rune 191/192

One of the most memorable -- if not the most memorable -- tributes to Miles Davis, the exultant Yo Miles! band makes its case for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it leaves the BIRTH OF THE COOL and ALL BLUES emulation to the neo-cons and instead concentrates on Davis’ little-appreciated 1971-1975 electric period. Second, unlike younger fusion bands that have recorded embarrassingly overwrought electric Miles imitations, Yo Miles! bandleaders -- guitarist Henry Kaiser and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith -- are old enough to have heard the sounds when they first appeared. Third, the two and their sidefolk approach the concept languidly, having worked on and refined their ideas -- while involved in other projects -- since 1998. MORE