Reviews that mention Cyril Atef

August 26, 2016

Yves Robert Trio

BMC CD 228


MM Squared Session

Creative Sources CS 306 CD

Like a florid rodeo clown who only reveals the true purpose of his job as a paramedic if necessary, a trombonist’s ability to express broad emotions with his horn often masks the instrument’s cerebral ability. But without eschewing the brass instruments connective and conceptive role, the trombonists here – a German trombone duo and a French technician leading a bass and drum trio – demonstrate the instrument’s sonic elasticity. MORE

December 29, 2003


In Touch
ECM 1787

Don’t Go It Alone

Brass, percussion and cello are the points of symmetry between these sets of modern, improvised chamber music. Atmospheric IN TOUCH, helmed by veteran French trombonist Yves Robert, features his longtime associate cellist Vincent Courtois as well as drummer Cyril Atef. DON’T GO IT ALONE is an appropriate title for the debut release by young American cellist Daniel Levin, whose brass input comes from cornetist Dave Ballou. Vibraphonist Mat Moran adds subtle percussion, and the session is anchored by Joe Morris, who proves that his convincing guitar techniques can be transmitted to double bass playing. MORE