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December 1, 2003


Silent Surface
Unit UTR 4138

Much more than a duo session, the two Swiss-based musicians here use the properties available from electronics to absorb their playing within an ambient sound field so that the porous surface reflects more than mere instrumental tones.Unfolding slowly -- and featuring elements of jazz, improv, New music, computer music and musique concrète -- the 15 short selections exist in a reductionist mirror world where the most unpretentious resonance can have several possible zygotes.

Although credited to both musicians, the tracks -- that run in length from a little less than 2½ to slightly over five minutes -- could reasonably be more closely allied to the experiments of guitarist/composer Luigi Archetti. Born in Italy, but a resident of Switzerland for almost 40 years, he has performed live soundtracks for film and video, played with traditional Chinese and Iranian musicians and been commissioned to create avant-garde projects. Bassist Jan Schlegel has been a longtime collaborator, and both have worked in a group with unconventional American vocalist Ellen Christ. MORE