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December 2, 2018

Hans Lüdemann Trans Europe Express

BMC CD 240

Even more assured in its newest recorded effort, the appropriately named eight-piece Trans Europe Express (TEE) has become a confident, vigorous and multi-faceted ensemble as it evolves. Part of the reason is the freedom in composition and improvisation encouraged by the leader, German pianist Hans Lüdemann. Case in point: Of Polyjazz’s 10 tracks, four were composed by the pianist; two were composed by French bassist Sébastien Boisseau; one by French violinist Théo Ceccaldi; one by French trombonist Yves Robert; one by German drummer Dejan Terzic and one by German saxophonist Silke Eberhard. The other two members are French saxophonist Alexandra Grimal and Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima. MORE

August 26, 2016

Yves Robert Trio

BMC CD 228


MM Squared Session

Creative Sources CS 306 CD

Like a florid rodeo clown who only reveals the true purpose of his job as a paramedic if necessary, a trombonist’s ability to express broad emotions with his horn often masks the instrument’s cerebral ability. But without eschewing the brass instruments connective and conceptive role, the trombonists here – a German trombone duo and a French technician leading a bass and drum trio – demonstrate the instrument’s sonic elasticity. MORE

August 1, 2014

Festival Report

Jazzdor-Strasbourg-Berlin 2014
By Ken Waxman

The KulturBrauerei’s music space Kesselhaus in East Berlin was a fitting site for the eighth annual Jazzdor-Strasbourg-Berlin (JSB) festival June 3-6. With jazz and improvised music’s universality now a given, a festival presenting mostly French jazz taking place in what had been one of Berlin’s oldest breweries, now repurposed from industrial to artistic use, doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

Overall its all-inclusive musical theme was confirmed by the programming of JSB’s artistic director Philippe Ochem and his team, which already host Strasbourg’s annual Jazzdor festival. Over four nights, JSB presented musician from different parts of Germany, Belgium and the US plus proudly delineated Basque and Corsican players, all of whom worked with improvisers from France’s major musical centres. MORE

April 4, 2010

Noah Rosen, Yves Robert & Didier Levallet

Sans Bruit sbr007


Une Règle de Trois

Tour de Bras tdbouebe002

Gordon Allen

All Up In There

MrE Records 2



Another Timbre Byways at-b05

Extended Play: New Methods of Dissemination

By Ken Waxman

Proliferation of CD burners, sequencing and editing software and the exponential growth of the Internet has opened up new possibilities for disseminating music. This is especially germane for improvised and other minority sounds. By avoiding the expenses of mass distribution and manufacturing music can reach more interested listeners. Formulae have been developed to do so and each of these fine sessions uses one. MORE

January 26, 2004


The sublime and. Sciencefrictionlive
Thirsty Ear RHI 57139.2

Qui parle?
Sketch SKE 333038

Leaving well enough alone has never had particular appeal to those involved in creating electrified jazz/rock fusion music. Why keep the volume control knob turned to nine when it can reach 10? And why play for a few minutes when a half-hour or so is available?

Alto saxophonist/composer Tim Berne -- who has proven his talents in many situations ranging from working in standard-size jazz combos to writing for a classical sax quartet -- flirts with excess on this two-CD set, recorded live in Switzerland. While he and drummer Tom Rainey stick to acoustic instruments, the allure of showing off the textures available from Marc Ducret’s guitar(s) and effects and Craig Taborn’s electric piano, laptop computer and virtual organ evidentially prove too seductive. Although in total the Science Friction band session clocks in at 109 minutes, it includes three tunes in the 20-minute range and one that rocks on for more than 30. MORE

December 29, 2003


In Touch
ECM 1787

Don’t Go It Alone

Brass, percussion and cello are the points of symmetry between these sets of modern, improvised chamber music. Atmospheric IN TOUCH, helmed by veteran French trombonist Yves Robert, features his longtime associate cellist Vincent Courtois as well as drummer Cyril Atef. DON’T GO IT ALONE is an appropriate title for the debut release by young American cellist Daniel Levin, whose brass input comes from cornetist Dave Ballou. Vibraphonist Mat Moran adds subtle percussion, and the session is anchored by Joe Morris, who proves that his convincing guitar techniques can be transmitted to double bass playing. MORE

August 25, 2003


In the North
Between the lines btl 026/EFA 10196-2

Accretions ALP-030 CD

Usual and unique treatments of guitar sounds mixed with a forefront brass instrument plus others, characterize these two experimental sessions. Both are a long way from the standard six-string showcases and offer much to attract the truly adventurous. But both have downsides as well, when the apparent need to play something different moves past the exploratory to the self-indulgent. MORE