Reviews that mention Laura Andel

April 9, 2010

Laura Andel Orchestra

Doble Mano
Rossbin Records RS029

Completely inured to the challenges of contemporary composition, Buenos Aires- born-New Yorker Laura Andel writes pocket-orchestra pieces in which notated sounds blend with improvisation, as staccato and lyrical passages vie for supremacy. Doble Mano, whose title reflects the twinning of different orchestral groupings, raises the ante further by interjecting into the performance characteristic sonic fragments from the South American bandoneon and Indonesian gamelan.

With the slurs and discordance available from a prepared Fender Rhodes often used as an additional rhythmic source, Andel, who conducts here, strives for an appropriate balance between the rhythmic and melodic sections of this eight-part suite. Double bass, viola, piano, cornet and clarinet – plus squeeze-box – are arrayed to produce resolute cabaletta-like pulses, with the rattling and scraping timbral beats arrive from the vibraphone, gamelan instruments and electric piano – with Ursel Schlicht’s acoustic piano meditating between both solitudes. Enharmonic notation may even help balance this mirroring. MORE

May 22, 2006


Rossbin RS 022

As involved with the tonal textures of electronics as her previous project was with the sound variations from brass and reeds, IN::TENSION is another potent demonstration of Laura Andel’s compositional abilities.

The Buenos Aires-born, New York-based, woodwind player and composer extends her parameters on IN::TENSION:. by utilizing the timbres available from electric guitars, percussionists and prepared pianos. Just about the only stand-alone acoustic instruments are Taylor Ho Bynum’s cornet and Harvey Wirht’s drums. MORE

August 25, 2003


Red Toucan # RT 9322

Occupying that mid-range between jazz and classical music, Laura Andel is a composer to watch, as much for her audacity as for her conception.

Argentinean-born, she’s a woodwind player who first received a degree in tango performance in Buenos Aires, then studied jazz composition and film music in Boston, and has since written for large and small ensembles in Boston, New York, Germany and Venezuela. Cinematic, with swathes of jazz and South American rhythms and quirky orchestral instrumentation, SOMNAMBULIST is a nine-part, 46-minute suite that tries to compress all her influences and studies into a definitive whole. MORE