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October 1, 2018

Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog

YRU Still Here?
NorthernSpy NS 098


Derek Plays Eric

Jazz Werkstatt JW 188

Seemingly revisiting their roots, improvising guitarists Marc Ribot of the US and Andreas Willers of Germany, attempt to graft more complicated textures onto the uncomplicated styles with which they began their careers – Willers as a Blues-Rocker and Ribot as a Folk-Rocker. Sticking close to the Power Trio configuration of guitar, bass and drums – plus some add-ons on Ribot’s CD – the power and fury is in evident, but whether musical complexity can change the concepts is open to discussion. MORE

November 16, 2015

Wayne Horvitz

55: music and Dance in Concrete
Other Room Music Digital DL/LP

Wayne Horvitz/The Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble

At the Reception

Songlines SGL 1609-2

By Ken Waxman

Composer Wayne Horvitz’s most recent recorded works show how far he has progressed since his days as a Lower East Side enfant terrible keyboardist alongside aggressive iconoclasts like John Zorn. Settled in Seattle since the late ‘80s, Horvitz now works regularly with chamber groups and dance companies, crafting scores which mix more settled themes with rational improvisations. MORE

December 17, 2009

Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra

Live At Roulette
Innova 225

Expanding his electro-acoustic expertise to a creation for large ensemble, on this CD German-born, New York-based endangered guitarist Han Tammen presents two mesmerizing suites from his 13-piece Third Eye Orchestra.

Apparently unfazed by the superstition about 13, Tammen doesn’t perform, but instead conducts and arranges in real time. Likewise ignoring the superstitious angle, some of Manhattan’s most accomplished and innovative musicians – and one ringer – handle with aplomb Tammen’s creation which calls for equal facility with improvisation and notated music, acoustic instrumental techniques and familiarity with electronic excursions. Although billed as two, six-part versions of the same piece – “Antecedent” and “Consequence” – it’s a tribute to all concerned that neither version mirrors the other. While the separately titled tracks exhibit certain homogeneity, soloists never eschew individuality even while blending with the others in section work or contrasting passages. MORE

September 22, 2003


Instants: Live at Teatro Olimpico
Velut Luna CVLD 07600

Plateau Phase
Chocolate Guns 002

Not content to be mere time keepers, some drummers on the Italian scene are part of the international redefinition of the percussionist’s role and excel in improvising, band leading and composition.

Primo uno example of this is Tiziano Tononi, with his work with both the Italian Instabile Orchestra and Nexus. Yet this two CDs by younger percussionists unquestionably demonstrate that he’s not alone in his inventiveness. MORE

July 21, 2003


A Momentary Lapse
Innova 581

You may well ask, after hearing this excellent CD, who Andrew Drury is and why he isn’t better known?

Answering the first question is easier than dealing with the second. The New York-based drummer/composer has played with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and reedist Vinny Golia, among others, created and photographed site-specific drum solos in desert and mountain settings, led junk percussion workshops and recorded two earlier CDs. Yet not only are his percussion skills up to snuff, but on evidence of the tunes here, he’s a sophisticated modern composer as well. He mixes the sense of rhythm and sensitivity that characterizes drummer-composers like Max Roach and Gerry Hemingway with voicing and arrangements that connect sophisticated EuroImprov sensibility with New World swing. MORE