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August 28, 2021

Alan Wilkinson/Dirk Serries

One in the Eye
New Wave of Jazz NWOJ 0

Kodian Trio

Live at Bråkfest

Oemrecords OEM 015

Unabashed Energy Music, the two-CD extended and one-CD brief sessions featured have players prodding, pulling and pushing textures into improvisations’ furthest reaches. What’s surprising through it that among the bombast and bellowing that's projected are the architectural perceptions of Belgian acoustic guitarist Dirk Serries. Veteran of out-of-the-ordinary creations over the years, Serries is here partnered with British improvisers. He and experienced multi-reedist Alan Wilkinson, who has played with Steve Noble are the duo on One in the Eye; while alto saxophonist Colin Webster and drummer Andrew Lisle, who have worked with Daniel Thompson, make up the Kodian Trio with Serries. MORE

January 6, 2021

Andrew Cheetham & Alan Wilkinson

The Vortex of Past Time
New Wave of Jazz nwoj028

Tony Irving & Massimo Magee

Vitriol and the Third Oraculum

577 Records 5835

Unabashed Free Jazz with wailing saxophone split tones and authoritative percussion punches has been part of the vocabulary since the mid-1960s and is now an accepted form like. Bebop, Fusion or Dixieland. Yet the emotional mojo needed to create exceptional sounds aren’t reached by all sessions. However these British duos raise the ante.

Veteran reeds player Alan Wilkinson is known for his discs with Simon H. Fell and Paul Hession, while three-decades-younger percussionist Andrew Cheetham has worked with David Burchall. Closer in age, saxophonist Massimo Magee, has worked with among others, Jim Denley and Barre Phillips, while percussionist Tony Irving, now Brisbane-based has played with Lee Ranaldo and Paul Dunmall. MORE

March 3, 2018

Quartet & Quintet

Double Vortex
New Wave of Jazz NWOJ 0013

Without a tinge of nostalgia, this two-CD set of saxophone-heavy improvisations still brings up memories of the 1960s heyday of the New Thing when extended and exploratory free-for-all sessions were the norm. With the possible exception of Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries, who is far more nuanced player than any six-stringer of those times, the blasting wind power from the reeds could fit in with Albert Ayler and Charles Tyler’s Judson Hall date or Willem Breuker’s, Evan Parker’s and Peter Brötzmann’s playing on the Machine Gun LP. MORE

April 26, 2012


Two Falls & A Submission
Bo’Weavil weavil 44 CD

Avram Fefer/Eric Revis/Chad Taylor


Not Two MW-854-2

Blunt, powerful, unrelieved improvisation is the collective raison d’être of these sessions, which conclusively emphasize the polyphonic textures that arise from the intersection of a mere three acoustic instruments. Naturally it helps that the six players involved are experienced technically and committed to sonic exploration.

The variables are partially transatlantic. Alto and tenor saxophonist Avram Fefer, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Chad Taylor are American; alto and baritone saxophonist Alan Wilkinson, bassist Simon H. Fell and drummer Paul Hession are British. Besides this, the nine tracks Fefer recorded in studio are dedicated to the memory of his late father; the three extended tracks on the other CD were recorded during a rare club gig by Hession, Wilkinson and Fell. MORE

May 1, 2006


The Society of the Spectacle

Bruce’s Fingers BF 31

Chapters in what could be termed the parallel life of Simon H. Fell, these CDs expose the free improvisational side of the British bassist, whose usual renown is for partially notated compositions for massive orchestras plus electronically oriented music for strings and percussion.

BOGEY’S recorded in 1991, and THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE captured nearly 12 years later, are significant wedges of instant composition, performed by two different trios. With Fell’s double bass the only constant, BOGEY’S features his longtime playing partners, Alan Wilkinson on alto and baritone saxophones and wilkophone (sic) plus Paul Hession on drums. Described elsewhere as HWF, this band contrasts with the 10-year-old Badland trio that is filled out by alto saxophonist Simon Rose and percussionist Steve Noble. Coincidentally Noble recently recorded a trio CD with Wilkinson and veteran bassist Marcio Mattos. MORE

December 5, 2005


Meanwhile, back in Sheffield
Discus 21CD

The Ins and Outs
Emanem 4116

Free Improv merry-go-rounds, these CDs feature veteran players from the United Kingdom extending themselves in previously unrecorded trio formations.

Oversight and commitments to other groups are why, after a decade of existence, the fine Free Base trio debuts on record with THE INS AND OUTS. Conversely, MEANWHILE, BACK IN SHEFFIELD captures on disc a now-uncommon occurrence: the first live gig in a decade by that British city’s best-known native improviser: guitarist Derek Bailey, now a Barcelona-resident. He’s joined by local Mick Beck on tenor saxophone, whistles and bassoon, and drummer Paul Hession from Leeds. Both men have played individually with Bailey, but never recorded with him in this formation. MORE

January 13, 2003

Simon H. Fell

Composition No. 30.
Bruce’s Fingers BF 27

The compositions and performance of British bassist Simon H. Fell on this two-CD set may be the long-awaited physical flowering of Gunther Schuller’s and John Lewis’ ideas from the 1960s. Fell may also have taken those theories even further.

In the early 1960s, Schuller, a modern composer, French hornist and head of Boston’s New England Conservatory; and Lewis, pianist and music director of the Modern Jazz Quartet; conceived of Third Stream music that would combine elements of music’s first and second streams of classical music and jazz. They recorded a few albums and even put together a mixed jazz and classical ensemble called Orchestra USA. MORE