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September 8, 2017


The Long Road
Auricle Records AUR 16/17


A Wing Dissolved in Light

NoBusiness Records NBLP 105


This is Beautiful because we are Beautiful People

ESP-Disk ESP 5011


Krakow Nights

Not Two MW-937-2

Something in the Air: New Excitement at the Guelph Jazz Festival

By Ken Waxman

After a couple of quiet years the annual Guelph Festival (GJF), September 13 to September 17, is newly energized and asserting its role as one of Canada’s most consistent showcases of adventurous music. Another reason for this year’s buzz is that besides the outstanding Canadian and American musicians consistently featured at the GJF, major European improvisers will be on hand as well. MORE

November 8, 2013

Trio 3 + Jason Moran

Refraction - Breakin' Glass
Intakt CD 217

By Ken Waxman

By the numbers: Trio3 has been a band for 27 years, has released eight CDs, features its third pianist guest on Refraction and with him has created a session that’s almost 100% satisfying.

Veterans of the jazz wars, saxophonist Oliver Lake, 70, bassist Reggie Workman, 75, and drummer Andrew Cyrille, 73 have been part of vital ensembles as disparate as John Coltrane’s, Cecil Taylor and the World Saxophone Quartet as well as their own bands. Guest pianist Jason Moran, a generation younger, is a MacArthur fellow and artistic advisor for the Kennedy Center. Yet he fits snugly onto the piano bench previously occupied by Gerri Allen and Irène Schweizer because of a shared interest with Trio3 in the diversity of jazz. MORE

October 21, 2002


The Improvisor
Premonition Records 66917 90757 2 3

Resorting to clichés when writing about Von Freeman is easy. A, quote, “living legend” end quote, in his home town of Chicago, he turned 80 this month (on October 3) and, as the phrase makers would have it, never quote “rests on his laurels” end quote, and quote “plays with the energy of a man half his age” end quote.

All this is true enough, but unlike other honored septuagenarian or octogenarian jazzers, Freeman is doing more than merely playing with the artistic maturity he exhibited in his forties, fifties, sixties ands seventies: he’s trying new things as well. This CD, recorded when he was a mere 79, finds him not only working with his regular band, at a live gig he’s had at South Side club for 20 years of Tuesdays, but also with an out-of-town rhythm section. It also features a duet on an obscure Duke Ellington line with him and New York pianist Jason Moran, who is more than 50 years Freeman’s junior. Plus the album begins with an unaccompanied tenor saxophone version of the standard “If I Should Leave You”, where Freeman mixes the sensuality of a Gene Ammons with the cold steel of a Sonny Rollins. MORE