Reviews that mention Byard Lancaster

November 14, 2005


Peace Warriors
Random Chance Records RCD22

Dating from an interregnum between a late career return to more progressive surroundings and earlier experimental work, PEACE WARRIOR reissues two sessions which add to under-recorded Philadelphia vibraphonist Khan Jamal’s scant discography. It’s too bad the 10 selections couldn’t have more musical meat on the rather lightweight frame.

Born in 1946, by the early 1980s Jamal had already put in time with players like drummer Sunny Murray, fiddler Billy Bang and South African bassist Johnny Dyani. Recently he’s recorded in the company of Free Jazz’s Lower East Side division: pianist Matthew Ship and bassist William Parker. MORE

October 7, 2002


Sunshine & An Even Break (never give a sucker)
Fuel 2000 Records 302 061 215 2

Potentially the time when Energy music of both the American and European varieties reached the zenith of acceptance, 1969 was also unique because it suddenly seemed that the very fabric of society was ripping apart.

Riots were commonplace on both continents. Radicalized students were staging sometimes-violent demonstrations to demand more liberalized education processes and to protest against local repression and the war in Viet Nam. Fringe groups had turned to kidnapping, bomb throwing and arson in Europe, while in the U.S., the Black Power Movement had moved into its short-lived, so-called revolutionary phrase. MORE