Reviews that mention Page Hundemer

March 15, 2004


An Hour of Now
Louie Records 031

Tone Time
Wobbly Rail WB014

Hearing double bass and percussion as more than just the components of a rhythm section is something for which most listeners -- and quite a few musicians -- never develop a comfort level. Yet these two uncommon, yet flawed, CDs show that it can be done.

After years of improvisational progress on many instruments in all sort of combinations, why should the naked bass and drums --or in one of the cases here bass and two drums -- upset so many? In the hands of the right musicians, five of whom are represented on these CDs, there’s enough harmony, polyphony and tonality exhibited to balance the instruments’ commonplace rhythmic function. MORE

February 3, 2003


Louie 029

Seems Sometimes People Undergo Full Transformation
Solponticello SP 008

Wishing won’t make it so, is the homey maxim that the members of SS Puft may consider hanging on the wall of their practice space(s). For while the young Athens, Ga. band may consider what it creates as innovative avant chamber music, the end product sounds more like an uneven amalgam of jazzy ProgRock mixed with New Age conceits.

Expert free music results from more than merely allowing yourself and your friends to play as you feel, without considering how you fit within the jazz/improv continuum. That’s what separates the Puffs from the Tone Sharks of Portland, Ore. Although more overly mainstream, the Sharks not only have played together for a while, but also appear to have thought long and hard about how to define themselves in terms of other sounds and aggregations. MORE

April 12, 2002


Louie Records 020

Negating the old adage that those that can do, those that can’t teach, a couple of Oregon university professors have created this fully professional session, which is as straightforward as it is unpretentious.

Containing elements of post bop, outside sounds and West Coast cool, Whirled Jazz seems to comfortably fit all three elements into its conception. A lot more than an after-school indulgence, Whirled Jazz could easily hold its on anywhere in the Pacific area, but, of course, can’t be compared to full-time, exploratory groups that exist in larger centres like the Bay area and Vancouver, B.C. MORE