Reviews that mention Michel Portal

March 29, 2002


Futura Ger 12

Followers of the vaporous, boreal undertakings of British saxophonist John Surman are going to be thrown for a loop by this session. Far from the punctilious, withdrawn playing he has exhibited over the past two decades, here’s the 26-year-old reedist as a romping, stomping New Thinger who could easily blow the present day Surman off the stand.

Of course inspiration has a lot to do with the company you keep. And this 1970 session is actually a collusion between the saxophonist’s Anglo-American trio of the day -- filled out by bassist Barre Phillips and drummer Stu Martin, both Yanks -- with two Frenchman -- percussionist Jean-Pierre Drouet and the chameleon-like woodwind master Michel Portal. MORE