Reviews that mention Günter Heinz

January 15, 2002


Live in Wuppertal
Alea 2001-01

Forget Esperanto, its improvisation that has now become the world language -- at least as far as musicians are concerned. What’s more, as players in other countries become as fluent in improv as their native (musical) tongue, the neo-colonial idea of Americans going to foreign location to only use the locals as sidemen has become as passé as the sun never setting on the British Empire.

Instead non-American and Americans now form cooperative groups, with each performer on equal footing. Case in point is this duo featuring New Jersey-based percussionist Lou Grassi and German trombonist Günter Heinz, recorded late in 2000 in a gallery in Wuppertal, which also happens to be the home town of bassist Peter Kowald and saxophonist Peter Brötzmann. MORE