Reviews that mention Cristina Alioto

October 29, 2001


La volta del suono
Newtone Records FY 7020

North American musicians who are concerned about physical space when creating are, with several notable exceptions, simply interested in what the acoustics of a particular room bring to a sound field. Probably because of the greater number of older structures designed for particular auditory resonance that exist on the Continent however, European improvisers often try to "play" the building they're in when they create.

Case in point is this CD recorded in the sottoporticato of the ducal palace in Genoa, Italy by three saxophonists and a vocalist. Created around the same time as when French tubaist Michel Godard and a larger ensemble explored the acoustics of a castle in Puglia, Italy on CASTEL DEL MONTE, LA VOLTA DEL SUONO is appealing because it's actually more fundamental yet experimental at the same time MORE