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October 31, 2000


Live at Paolo-Palo
True Muze TUMU CD 9803

Bassist William Parker's tune "The Bluest Jay" recorded on SUNRISE IN THE TONE WORLD (Aum Fidelity) was dedicated to another American bassist, Jay Oliver, who died at 50 in 1993 of lung and heart problems. Yet this CD is one of the few examples we have of Oliver's art.

Born in Douglas, Ariz., Oliver spent his final decade in Berlin, where his solid, unspectacular timekeeping allowed him to play with a variety of top-flight improvisers. Often he added his skills to this regularly working international combo, which at this junction was filled out by a Yugoslav (Kucan), a German (Danner), another American (Elgart) and the wild card, dramatic Polish trumpeter Stanko.