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May 27, 2019


Strings 4
Leo Records CD LR 860

Matthew Shipp-Mat Maneri

Conference of the Mat/ts

RogueArt ROG 0085

Matthew Shipp Trio


ESP Disk 5029

Now that he’s finally on the cusp of reaching elder statesman status, New York pianist Matthew Ship has become accepted as a band leader, soloist and valued musical associate. Over the years he’s developed numerous distinctive affiliations and these CDS show off his skills in duo, trio and quartet settings with no letdown in imagination. MORE

March 8, 2019


Strings 1
Leo Records CD LR 850

Lisbon String Trio/Blaise Siwula

K’ampokol Che K’aay

Creative Sources CS 453 CD

Francesco Cusa & the Assassins

Black Poker

Clean Feed CF 504 CD


Debussy Impressions

Malasartes Mam 033

Ada Pitsou


SLAM 592

Something in the Air: Bending string section to Exploratory Jazz Ends

By Ken Waxman

Recording with a group of stringed instruments has always posed particular challenges for committed improvisers. Since the groupings of violin, viola, cello and the like are usually valued for their harmonic and melodic qualities, the challenge is to avoid a mawkish “& Strings” session, that buries innovation in schmaltz. Luckily these discs impress by using string players not as back-up or afterthought, but as an integral part of the creative process. MORE

March 3, 2019

Ivo Perelman

Leo Records CD LR 810


Noise of our Time

Intakt CD 310

Allying himself with two different saxophonists, American trumpeter Nate Wooley puts aside distinctive personal projects to participate in these quartet session that approach improvisation in alternate fashions.

Another in what appears to be a continuous outpouring of discs on which Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman is coupled with a platoon’s worth of other Jazzers in constantly changing combo form, Octagon includes three equally resourceful Americans who have played with multiple partners: Wooley, bassist Brandon Lopez and drummer Gerald Cleaver. With tracks titled “Part 1” to “Part 8”, it’s obvious that this is a session of free-form improvisation. Alongside Chicago tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Ken Vandermark and Wooley, Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and New York drummer Tom Rainey interpret three compositions by the pianist, three by the reedist and three by the trumpeter. MORE

December 22, 2018


Spiritual Prayers
Leo Records CD LR 842

Gebhard Ullmann & Alexey Kruglov

Moscow Berlin

Fancy Music Fancy 098

Two duets, these CDs feature four musicians from four different countries who have adopted contradictory approaches to express a range of textures through reed admixture. The self-evidently titled Moscow Berlin features 15 performances by Russian Alexey Kruglov, who plays alto saxophone, prepared alto saxophone, alto saxophone mouthpiece, bass clarinet and recorder and German Gebhard Ullmann using tenor saxophone, prepared tenor saxophone, tenor saxophone mouthpiece and electronics, recorded after the two had already concertized on a then-recent tour. Another cog in the seemingly nearly endless succession of discs featuring Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman, Spiritual Prayers matches him with American bass clarinetist Jason Stein, who he had never met before the date, for eight spontaneous creations. MORE

March 28, 2018

Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Bobby Kapp

Leo Records LR 807

We Are

PataMusic Pata 24

Putting individual stamp(s) on the classic tenor saxophone-and-rhythm-section formation are two veteran saxophonists, German Norbert Stein, whose musical associates are all Köln-based and Brazilian Ivo Perelman playing with a trio of New Yorkers. In spite of the almost identical CD length and instrumentation, the eclectic nature of improvised music allows for genuinely autonomous discs, which also expose oblique variants of each saxophonist’s usual work. Stein, often helms meticulously arranged programs of his compositions for larger ensembles, and who has recently been flirting with interpretations of German poetry, lets himself go on We Are, with seven performances which speak to old-time jam sessions as well as Free Music sound exploration. Perelman during the past couple of decade has established himself as one of the bolsters of the uncompromising Free Jazz tradition, However there are points during Heptagon’s six tracks where the melodious concept which is always subtly present in his improvising become more obvious. MORE

October 11, 2017

Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp

The Art of Perelman-Shipp
Leo Records CD LR 794-799 and 786

Joëlle Léandre

A Woman’s Work…

NotTwo MW950-2

Something in the Air: Music Appreciation as a Single Serving or Throughout Several Meals

By Ken Waxman

Marketing considerations aside, how best can a musician mark an important milestone or significant creativity? With recorded music the result is usually multiple discs. In honor of French bassist Joëlle Léandre’s recent 60th birthday for instance, there’s A Woman’s Work … (NotTwo MW950-2), an eight-disc boxed set. Almost six hours of music, the 42 tracks were recorded between 2006 and 2016 with one solo disc and the others intense interaction with such associates as trumpeter Jean-Luc Cappozzo, tenor saxophonist Evan Parker, violist Mat Maneri, guitarist Fred Frith, percussionist Zlatko Kaučič, pianists Agustí Fernández or Irène Schweizer and vocalists Lauren Newton or Maggie Nicols. With improvisers from six different countries working alongside, the bassist’s charm, humor, vigor and adaptability are highlighted. MORE

March 22, 2016

Ivo Perelman/Mat Maneri/Tanya Kalmanovitch

Villa Lobos Suite
Leo Records CD LR 742.

By Ken Waxman

Anyone expecting a performance of Heitor Villa-Lobos’ themes, or even a jazz-like interpretation of the 20th century Brazilian composer’s work, should be flustered. Instead these 10 tracks are instances of Proustian memory extensions: improvisations related to the emotions perceived by Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman when he first experienced Villa-Lobos’ sounds two decades ago. Further indication of its singularity the music is produced by the saxophone paired with two violas played by Mat Maneri and Tanya Kalmanovitch. Alberta-born, Brooklyn-based Kalmanovitch, who teaches at Mannes College, has been in a string duo with Maneri for a decade. Her background is notated and ethnic music helps shape the sounds, informed by the others expertise in microtonality and free jazz. MORE

September 1, 2014

Ivo Perelman

The Other Edge
Leo Records CD LR 699

Grencsó Open Collective


BMC CD 205

After about a half a century, so-called avant-garde Jazz is defined differently depending on the players, even if the configuration involved is the standard saxophone-piano-bass-drum quartet. For instance the Hungarian-based Open Collective, led by reedist István Grencsó, performs eight originals wedded to the song form. Meanwhile Brazilian saxophonist Ivo Perelman’s otherwise all-American quartet’s eight originals are on the other edge, exploring almost completely abstract ideas. Each approach is equally valid and memorable. MORE

January 3, 2014


Leo Records CD LR 683

The Rempis Percussion Quartet


Aerophonic AR-001

Although the concept of having two drummers as part of an improvising ensemble isn’t a new one, it must be done judiciously so the percussion doesn’t overwhelm the other players. The situation is especially problematic when dealing with as few as four musicians, but both sessions here are organized so that this atypical make-up doesn’t impede creativity.

At the same time each session differ from the other due to the choice of individual chordal instrument. Phalanx, recorded in Antwerp and Milwaukee is held together during four extensive blow-outs by the powerful bass work of Norwegian-turned Texan Ingebrigt Håker Flaten. Together in different configurations since 2004, the percussion part of The Rempis Percussion Quartet is made up of Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy, both of whom are in-demand on the expanding Chicago improv scene. Dave Rempis, who plays alto, tenor and baritone saxophone on the disc, is best known for his work in the Vandermark5. MORE

December 23, 2013

8th Annual Jazz Critics Poll – NPR Music

Ken Waxman
(The New York City Jazz Record, Jazz Word)


1. Convergence Quartet, Slow and Steady (NoBusiness)

2. Andrew Cyrille, Duology (Jazzwerkstatt)

3. Black Host, Life in the Sugar Candle Mines (Northern Spy)

4. Scott Neumann, Blessed (Origin)

5. Michel Edelin, Resurgence (RogueArt)

6. Ab Baars-Meinard Kneer-Bill Elgart, Give No Quarter (Evil Rabbit)

7. Maria Faust, Jazz Catastrophe (Barefoot)

8. Barry Altschul, The 3dom Factor (TUM)

9. Mark Dresser, Nourishments (Clean Feed)

10. Alexey Kruglov-Alexey Lapin-Jaak Sooäär-Oleg Yudanov, Military Space (Leo) MORE

December 3, 2013

Artist Feature:

Ivo Perelman
By Ken Waxman

“When [Brazilian director] Gustavo Galvão first asked me to do the soundtrack for his film I thought he was crazy,” confesses tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman, 52. “I said I don’t do that kind of thing and play to cues. I only play my music the way I do.” Yet Galvão, who had made a special trip to New York precisely to get the São Paulo-born saxophonist to create music for his film finally agreed to let Perelman do it his own way with musician of his own choice. Before heading into the studio with violist Matt Maneri and pianist Matthew Ship, Perelman explained the film concept to them, knowing that different moods would emerge as they recorded their improvisations. Titled after the fact, and sequenced into eight tracks, the improvisations now make up the music for the director’s first international feature A Violent Dose of Anything. (Uma Dose Violenta de Qualquer Coisa in Portuguese). Not only is the music preserved on a CD of the same title, but it recently won an award as best original soundtrack at a prestigious Brazilian film festival. Would he do other movie projects? “Introduce me to more people like Gustavo then I’ll do more film music,” jokes Perelman. MORE

September 3, 2013


The Edge
Leo Records CD LR 667



Leo Records CD LR 668

One of the decisions – of many – that has to be made when playing purely improvised music is whether to break inspiration into bite-sized pieces or eject the narratives as mammoth slabs. On these complementary CDs, Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman, who has recorded in context ranging from solo to septets, tries both on for size. While correspondingly stimulating, the personnel of the two quartets defines the creations more than the instruments used. MORE

September 3, 2013


Leo Records CD LR 668


The Edge

Leo Records CD LR 667

One of the decisions – of many – that has to be made when playing purely improvised music is whether to break inspiration into bite-sized pieces or eject the narratives as mammoth slabs. On these complementary CDs, Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman, who has recorded in context ranging from solo to septets, tries both on for size. While correspondingly stimulating, the personnel of the two quartets defines the creations more than the instruments used. MORE

May 21, 2012

Ivo Perelman/Joe Morris/Gerald Cleaver

Family Ties
Leo Records CD LR 630

The Ames Room

Bird Dies

Clean Feed: CF 231 CD

Free Jazz has no geography or language as these two CDs of outstanding trio improvisation prove. Seemingly any musician(s) from anywhere can organize an exceptional session just as long as the spirit is there. But that’s the key caveat. For unless the performance includes an indefinable helping of inspiration and cooperation, the results is endless blowing.

The younger group of players who make up the Ames Group understand this and, perhaps pointedly don’t make free expression their only methods of expression. Paris-based alto saxophonist Jean-Luc Guionnet for instance, is not only is involved with electro-acoustic compositions and pieces for organ but he’s one-fifth of Hubbub, France’s most recognizable reductionist band. Confirming the geographic separation, The Ames Room’s other members are Australians who have expatriated to different parts of Europe. Nantes, France-based Will Guthrie, is a percussionist who moves between Rock, Electronica and experimental solo expression; Berlin resident, bassist Clayton Thomas is as likely be found as part of an experimental duo as a big band playing complex arrangements. MORE

January 10, 2012

Ivo Perelman Quartet

The Hour of the Star
Leo Records CD LR 605

Eastern Boundary Quartet


Konnex KCD 5258

Carlo De Rosa’s Cross-Fade

Brain Dance

Cuneiform Rune 317

Of all the formations that have characterized improvisation at least since the Bop era, the most common has been that of one reed player along with piano, bass and drums. Just because it’s unexceptional doesn’t mean every session has to be identical however, especially if the meeting ground is original compositions. As these quartet discs demonstrate, plenty of variations are available, even if the form prods participants towards a mainstream orientation. MORE

October 6, 2010

Ivo Perelman/Rosie Hertlein/Dominic Duval

Near to the Wild Heart
NotTwo MW 833-2

By Ken Waxman

As unlike the standard “with strings” session as can be imagined, Near to the Wild Heart is instead a fully interactive date where one trio member happens to be tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman and the others violinist/vocalist Rosie Hertlein and bassist Dominic Duval. What’s more remarkable is the balance between the discordant and the sensitive maintained as the splintering of string harmonies is mated with newfound lyricism from the Brazilian-born saxophonist. MORE

August 29, 2005


Blue Purge
Leo Records CD LR 412

Black on White
Clean Feed CF024CD

Exercises in aural color fields, both these trio CDs are helmed by committed improv saxophonists who are also involved in visual art. As well as advancing free music with anyone he can, Seattle-based alto saxophonist Wally Shoup merges the sophisticated with the primitive in his Outsider Art paintings. He created the hard-edged semi-abstract on his CD booklet cover. Meanwhile, Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman has been praised more in art circles for his abstract paintings over the past couple of years than he has been for his abrasive free sounds in the so-called jazz world. MORE

May 31, 2004


Suite for Helen F.
Boxholder BXH 038/039

Strength, stamina and chutzpah are the first three adjectives that come to mind when analyzing saxophonist Ivo Perelman’s performance on this two CD set.

Coming on like a contestant in one of those extreme sports competitions the Brazilian tenor man not only faces off against one bassist and drummer, but also another set at the same time. Similarly his version of a double trio doesn’t involve any slackers. Individually and together, bassists Dominic Duval and Mark Dresser and percussionists Gerry Hemingway and Jay Rosen have worked with nearly every experimental reedist of repute, including Anthony Braxton, John Butcher, Mark Whitecage, Joe McPhee, Oliver Lake and Frank Gratkowski -- to name just a few. Besides Duval, Hemingway and Rosen have recorded with the saxman before. MORE

January 25, 2001


The Eye Listens
Boxholder BXH 012

Few people really appreciate the romantic underpinning of the sort of Free Jazz expression that Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman and his two confreres have created on this disc.

As committed to exploration, as was another Portuguese speaker, Vasco da Gama, who was first to sail from Europe to Asia around the Cape of Good Hope, Perelman isn't afraid to give his all every moment. Despite being under 40, he has about as much in common with suit sporting, swing-protecting, neo cons jazzers as the Amazon River does with Long Island Sound.