Reviews that mention Herbie Nichols

May 15, 2001


Love, Gloom, Cash, Love
Avenue Jazz/Bethehem R2 76690

Like an additional couple of commandments appended to the original 10, this classic reissue returns to circulation the final recorded work of pianist Herbie Nichols (1919-1963).

Listening to these slightly off centre tunes, which have been fitfully available since they were recorded in 1957, it's hard to fathom why this less than 42 minutes of music plus what is now a three CD set on Blue Note make up Nichols entire recorded legacy.

A super straight intellectual who was as impressive a stylist as he was a composer, for some reason Nichols' talents were never recognized in his lifetime. Relegated to obscurity beneath even an underground that accepted Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus, Nichols made his living accompanying second rank Swing and Dixieland musicians in dingy New York clubs, when he wasn't providing piano backup for singing female impersonators or Grade Z rock'n'rollers. MORE