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May 16, 2011

Bert Turetzky/George Lewis/Vinny Golia

Triangulation II
Kadima #30

By Ken Waxman

As unruffled as any musical conversation among veteran players, the free improvisations which make up Triangulation II evolve with certainty and sophistication. Nonetheless with each player an old hand at pushing instrumental timbres to their limits, the results are anything but comfy. Multi-reedman Vinny Golia, trombonist George Lewis and bassist Bert Turetzky are so experienced at sonically depicting the seemingly impossible that they can do so at medium tempos and moderate volume. Plus these unorthodox techniques don’t stop them from creating harmonious musical relationships. MORE

September 8, 2010

Bertram Turetzky/Vinny Golia

The San Diego Session
Kadima Collective Recordings KCR 24



Evil Rabbit ERR 10

Although not as unusual as they would have been as recently as 20 years ago, duo sessions by woodwind players and bassists still necessitate having a bull fiddler participating who has seemingly limitless technique plus a bubbling fountain of ideas. The reason is simple, while the horn players has many keys he can sound – on more than one instrument on these discs – the bassist only has four tightly wound strings and a bow with which to work. MORE

July 23, 2001


Transition & Transformation
Nine Winds NWCD 0242

Labels mean almost nothing when it comes to improvised music. And this excellent CD of "outside" chamber jazz demonstrates this without question.

To the casual jazz fan, journeyman pianist Mike Wofford may have made his mark as music director for Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan or as sideman with mainstreamers like drummer Shelly Manne and saxophonists Teddy Edwards and Bud Shank. Bassist Bertram Turetzky, senior professor of music at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) on the other hand, is usually found on the so-called legit side of the fence as the most frequently recorded contrabass soloist in America. An academic, Turetzky, whose master classes have been referred to as "life-altering", also wrote The Contemporary Contrabass, which is regarded as a classic in the field. MORE