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May 13, 2021

Julius Hemphill The Boyé Mukti-national Crusade for Harmony

Archive Recordings 1997-2007
NewWorld Records 80825-2:

Various Artists

Not Two …but Twenty Festival

NotTwo MW 1000-2

Something in the Air: Sophisticatedly Curated Box Sets Collate and Disseminate Important Music

By Ken Waxman

Assembled since the first significant 78s were collected in one package, the boxed set has traditionally been used to celebrate important anniversaries or extensive projects. CD collections are the same with these improvised music sets aurally illuminating various programs. MORE

December 5, 2005


Winter Birds
Between the Lines BTLCHR 71203

Konnex KCD 5141

Variations on a quartet theme, the different strategies working bands put across depending on whether they’re involved in a live or a studio situation are illustrated by these CDs.

Recorded on gigs in Rochester, N.Y., Amherst, Mass. and Chicago, LIVE showcases extended five performances from the all-star Nu Band quartet that allow its veteran members extensive space in which to let loose. On the other hand, WINTER BIRDS captures the quartet of bassist John Lindberg, with as stellar a line-up, working in a studio date that followed 13 European concerts in 15 days. Playing nine of the bassist’s tunes and one written by flautist Steve Gorn, the CD recreates in a studio the tightness of the touring quartet MORE

October 6, 2003


Passin’ Thru 41217

Thirty years ago when alto saxophonist Oliver Lake was one of the young firebrands involved with the Black Artists Group (BAG), St. Louis’ version of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians who knew that by 2003 he’d turn into … Count Basie?

Well, not really, though the comparison is meant as a compliment. It’s just that Lake, who over the years has involved himself in so many different groups from the still-thriving World Saxophone Quartet, to the R&B-influenced Jump Up group, has now put together a regulation-sized big band that swings with the unfettered grace of any of Basie’s aggregations. MORE

August 4, 2003


Ruminations on Ives and Gottschalk
Between the lines btl 025

Seven compositions joined together in a suite form this CD, honoring two idiosyncratic American classical composers, but featuring -- not surprisingly -- jazz players rather than members of the so-called serious music fraternity.

What do you expect? While classical snobs’ abhorrence of jazz as mere popular music is well known and exists to this day, the symphonic establishment has also never been particularly welcoming to visionary composers, especially of the non-European variety. MORE

February 21, 2001


Marionettes on a High Wire
Omnitone 12101

One of the key members of St. Louis's cooperative Black Artists Group (BAG) in the late 1960s along with the likes of Lester Bowie, Oliver Lake and Julius Hemphill, trumpeter Baikida Carroll has followed a unique career locus since he settled in New York.

Over the years, he has spent as much time composing for regional theatre projects, film, television and dance performances as he has playing. His performing was further curtailed by a bout with Bell's Palsy in the late 1980s, which left half of his embouchure permanently paralyzed. It took him three years to overcome the results of being stricken.