Susan O'Connor

For more than two decades, Susan O.Connor has recorded compelling black and white jazz-performance images that are admired and collected by critics, musicians, other artists and lovers of jazz in Canada, Europe and the U.S.

Using available light and a hand-held, mechanical camera, O'Connor has made both documentary-style and interpretive photographs in concert halls ranging from the St. Lawrence Centre to Preservation Hall; in venues ranging from churches to art galleries to outdoor stages, to basements lit by a few incandescent bulbs.

Her work captures attention for both its artistic and historical value. From Art Blakey to Sun Ra; P.J. Perry to Barry Guy, she has recorded evocative images of international artists who play music ranging from bebop to blues; traditional jazz to the avant-garde and beyond.

Susan O'Connor's images have been published in CODA and the Globe & Mail (Canada), Jazz Halo (Belgium), The Wire (U.K.), and ArtVoice, Woove and JAZZIZ (U.S.A), and in many corporate documents. Her jazz photos have been used by many musicians and producers for promotional purposes, and published on CDs, Web sites and in books, including Phil Freeman's New York Is Now: The New Wave Of Free Jazz. Photos by O'Connor are included in the Web sites and discographies of John Butcher, Susie Ibarra, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Glenn Spearman, Mat Maneri, Joe Morris and Henry Threadgill. A small collection of prints is displayed at Kominek Camera in downtown Toronto.

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