A Trumpeter’s Turnaround: Jaimie Branch

While the Portland Mercury’s Robert Ham seems most concerned with how many metaphoric and poetic references he can ascribe to trumpeter Jaimie Branch’s life and career, he does manage to reveal something about her music in this Q+A. Ham explains how the trumpeter first drew attention in Chicago as part of bassist Jason Ajemian’s band and later moved to Brooklyn, organizing her own combo as well as the well=praised duo Anteloper, with drummer Jason Nazary, who also played in Ajemian’s group. Branch strongly supports a D-I-Y attitude, and notes how her music has helped her overcome many drawbacks including addiction and family alienation. But she’s also adamant in insisting that despite Anteloper’s use of loops and processing with its links to so-called post-rock and ambient music, the result is still as involved with improvisation as her more Jazz-oriented projects.