A Personal Memory of Joseph Jarman

Among less personal memories about multi-instrumentalist Joseph Jarman following his death at 81 earlier this year, was this one published in ArtForum from his long-time Art Ensemble of Chicago (AEC) reed partner, Roscoe Mitchell. Going back to how he and Jarman first met in 1961 and expanded their musical palate through membership in Muhal Richard Abrams‘ Experimental Band and later recording together, Mitchell recounts how Jarman came to join the AEC. Sadly it was following the death of two members of Jarman’s own group. Luckily the multi-instrumentalist was able to join with Mitchell, bassist Malachi Favors and trumpeter Lester Bowie to make the famous 1969 trip to France which cemented AEC’s reputation as sound explorers. Besides being inspired by Jarman’s musical interests over the years, Mitchell also recounts how Jarman’s poetry recitations during AEC concerts notably changed how the band’s so-called Free Music music was presented and appreciated. And note Mitchell recounting of who Jarman’s unexpected duet partner was at an early Chicago concert.