A Canuck in Deutschland: Lina Allemano

True to the Northern country’s history of celebrating Canadians who succeed overseas, Toronto-based trumpeter Lina Allemano is now making a name for herself internationally, since she spends part of each year living in Berlin. Not only is she  invigorated by the German capital’s open Jazz scene reports London Jazz News’ Sebastian Scotney, but the locals also appreciate her talent as well. She and her otherwise all-German trio, Rats & Mice, with bassist Dan Peter Sundland and drummer Michael Griener are featured at this year’s JazzFest Berlin for instance. Allemano, who prides herself on having detailed knowledge of both standard trumpet styles, having studied with Laurie Fink in New York, as well as extended brass techniques, which she pursued with Axel Dörner in Berlin, still insists that she won’t leave Canada to become an expatriate. Although she has been visiting Berlin since 2013 she doesn’t want to abandon the musical progress she has made and the original music she has created with her Toronto quartet, which has been in existence since 2005.